Albany Muria
Albany Muria is a senior in the IB Program at Coral Gables Senior High. She couldn't be any happier to be a Cavalier and a part of the CavsConnect staff once again. Aside from being an Editor for CavsConnect, she gladly holds the position of Student Council President and IBHS Adopt-a-Freshman Secretary.  Not only does she take commitment to being involved very seriously, but maintaining high grades is also at the top of her priority list.

Born in Venezuela, Albany is very proud of her Hispanic heritage. She is extremely grateful to have a family that supports her through every one of the goals she wishes to accomplish. When she isn't doing school-related work, you will find her spending time with her family and friends. Albany has a passion for helping people in every little way possible; she truly enjoys volunteering in her community as much as she can.

Albany can be described as a fun, loving, and energetic girl. She enjoys listening to music,  doing arts and crafts, and hanging out with her friends.

Albany hopes to make her last year at Gables as memorable and intriguing as possible.


Albany Muria, Editor

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