Winter Break Around the World


Sabryna Gonzalez

Junior Sabryna Gonzalez enjoying Chile’s beautiful nature.

Albany Muria, Editor

Instead of spending a typical Winter break “stay-cationing” in Miami, some Gables students travelled to unique places, experiencing winter around the world.

Junior Sabryna Gonzalez traveled to the opposite hemisphere and explored the wonders of Chile. Visiting both the country and her family there, Gonzalez spent both Christmas and New Years with her aunts, uncles and cousins. Although she missed her parents back in Miami, her family did their best to make her feel at home.

“Chile’s climate is different from Miami’s in that there is barely any humidity. The mountains were gorgeous and although the city is not as clean as Miami, Chile’s natural habitats are beyond breathtaking,” junior Sabryna Gonzalez said.

Moving a little more east, both junior Thomas Martinez and Alex Rabell visited Spain this holiday season. Martinez had been to Europe a few times, but this was his first time in Spain. He enjoyed spending time with his family and his older brother, who he hadn’t seen in a while.

Every year, junior Alex Rabell spends his holiday break in Spain. His vacation, however, is a little bit different as his birthday is a day after Christmas. This means that he’s partying for 3 days straight!

“I visit Spain every Summer and Winter Break. We spend lots of time with our family; either at my grandma’s house at the beach  or my aunt’s house. This year, as usual, we celebrated Noche Buena at my aunt’s house” junior Alex Rabell said.

Whether spending winter break outside of Miami is a tradition for your family or not, exploring new places around the world can be an exciting experience.