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The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Alumni Brandon Apagueño

March 29, 2022
Always remember Go Cavs! Brandon Apagueño graduated from Gables in 2014. He continues to be so appreciative of the opportunities Coral Gables provided for him, that he returned to mentor student who are in the position he once was in. Brandon is currently studying medicine at the University of Miami and has come back to do an organ demonstration in Mr. Molina's biology classes.

Endless Opportunities

February 13, 2022
At Coral Gables Senior High opportunities are endless. From a variety of over fifty clubs offered to the opportunity to create your own. The two magnets and six academies allow students to study what they are passionate about while completing their required high school courses. Watch this video for a recap of everything Gables has to offer.

CavsAsk Episode 6: Harry Potter

January 12, 2022
Welcome back Cavaliers! To this weeks episode of CavsAsk, the trivia show where we ask students questions on a variety of topics. You might be wondering what this week’s theme is. After the books sparked enormous popularity, a cinematic franchise emerged and lit up our screens. Now recently having celebrated their 20th anniversary, lets jump into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Our contestants will be competing against each other in a battle of the houses. Lets see who wins the most house points and is declared this week's winner.

CavsAsk Episode 5: Marvel

December 18, 2021
Hello cavaliers! Welcome back to this weeks episode of CavsAsk , the trivia show where we ask students questions on a variety of trivia topics. You might be wondering what’s the theme this week? Well, it’s a fan favorite and has lit up our screen for nearly two decades. This weeks theme is Marvel! Join us as we ask Marvel fans from our school, a few questions to test their knowledge and determine who is the ultimate Marvel Fan and this weeks winner. Let’s get started.

Alma Mater Pep Rally Recap

Ella Londono , CavsTV Staff December 9, 2021
Throughout the week of December 9th, classes competed to see who would attend our Pep Rally by reciting the Alma Mater. Cavaliers attended the Alma Mater Pep Rally where they celebrated our winter sports, got a sneak peek of this years Mr. Coral Gables contestants, and recited our alma mater. Intense games including tug-of-war, red-light green-light, and the cup challenge were played to see which grade has the most Cavalier spirit.

Holiday Door Decorations Competition

Amanda Perez and Lea Bergeot December 4, 2021
In the past few weeks, multiple classrooms around Coral Gables Highschool entered in a Christmas door competition. Determined teachers and helpful, hardworking students spent many days getting their classroom doors as festive as possible to be ready to be judged. Judging took place December 3rd, Friday of last week. Everyone was setting their way into the holiday spirit allowing the school to shine bright with Christmas cheer. Congratulations to the winners of the competition and all the students who worked hard with them. In first place Ms. Leal-Garcia, 2nd is Ms. Monzon, and in 3rd place is Ms. Gonzalez.

FHS Beautification Project

Noa Belehssen, CavsTV staff November 20, 2021
On November 19th and 20th, the French Honor Society Club prepared and painted Mr. Nelson’s classroom as a part of their Beautification Project for the first time in 2 years. About 20 students participated, including some juniors and seniors that used it as CAS experiences. Members of the FHS are getting ready to beautify another classroom soon!

Gablettes Annual Fall Frolics

Kennedy Martin-Jones, CavsTV staff November 17, 2021

What Makes Gables Unique?

Lea Bergeot and Hailey Sabillon November 16, 2021
On November 4. 2021 we asked our student body what makes gables unique? Many students came up with a great way to represent our school and all its unique features that is seen in our everyday lives. Including the student life and of all the activities that we can  enjoy in our high school experience.

Ms Camacho: Teacher of the Year

Lea Bergeot and Amanda Perez November 15, 2021
Ms. Camacho has won the honor of becoming teacher of the 2022 school year. As it was well deserved, she dives into her love for Gables and her true inspiration on why she started on a path of becoming a teacher. Finding a true connection between her ways of immersing her lessons onto the students and the creative path she takes them on. Leaving with a big smile and hoping for a great year ahead.
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