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CAF&DM’s 2024 Banquet Commemorates Gables’ Publications

Marina Astorga
The banquet’s attendees were able to receive pictures photographed and printed out by Fox-Mar as memorabilia to their experience in CAF&DM.

Throughout the year, the Communication, Arts, Film and Digital Media academy oversees the activities of Gables’ five journalism publications, which culminate in one end-of-the-year event planned by the school’s Quill and Scroll board. From 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., CAF&DM hosted its annual banquet to celebrate the year-round efforts of Gables’ publications, their achievements and dedicated staff. At the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables, members of publications and advisers were able to enjoy a morning of recognition, food, pictures and music.

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At the entrance of the banquet’s room, a poster showcasing the CAF&DM’s events throughout the school year welcomed publication members who were checked in by two Quill and Scroll board leaders. Once they stepped into the space, they were greeted by fellow journalists sitting in decorated tables. Once everyone settled in at around 9:45 a.m., Quill and Scroll President sophomore Sophia Sol and Social Media Chair sophomore Gabriella Roa introduced the event, its purpose and schedule to all attendees.

“Our vision was to create something special to celebrate the staff and their teams. To make that happen, our president brought decoration and we played music. It was at different venue, but it still went well and I think people enjoyed it,” sophomore Adrian Perez said.

After a few words of welcome and appreciation for everyone’s presence, sophomores Roa and Sol spoke of the never-ending commitment to the program that each person in a publication held and the values they continued to push forward. Highlighting the five All-Florida publications in Gables, the Quill and Scroll leaders used their time in front of the microphone to thank advisers and distinguished guests for their support and contributions to Gables’ journalistic success.

“I enjoyed listening to the speeches by the [Editors in Chief] and advisers because it really shows us board members and staff how much they value us and the work we do, but also how much effort they put into the publication itself alongside with us. My publication, Catharsis, personally I think did an amazing job during the speech, specially my ex-EIC Steffi, she really had a way with words that truly resonated with all of us and made us pretty emotional,” junior Luna Santiago said.

Advisers were called up to the awards table individually while members from all publications cheered them on, where they received a flower as a testament to their help in fostering their publication’s growth. Following this, members of the Quill and Scroll board were given awards for their leadership throughout the planning and execution of CAF&DM’s annual activities.

Previous CAF&DM Activities
CAF&DM Fundraiser Carwash

In their annual car wash, CAF&DM publication members washed cars on campus in the morning hours of Sept. 24 in efforts of raising money for the publication's success later on in the school year. Having sold tickets previously and on the spot for $5, the academy later used the funds to pay for competitions and workshops. Members of publications were able to mingle while learning to work together to efficiently leave the vehicles present squeaky-clean.

Journalism Week

Journalism Week lasted from Feb. 20 to 23 as an event to physically commemorate the journalism community at Gables. With decorated walls, J-Week showcased posters with an informative purpose of teaching Cavaliers ins and outs of Gables' the publications and their work. Each publication customized their designated space within the third floor of the 9000 building to promote their activities and staff's accomplishments.

Field Day

Field Day was held on Feb. 23 on the last day of J-Week to end the celebration on an active and competitive note. As all publications came together for a day of fun, their physical talent was put to the test as each fought for the title of "Field Day Winner". Publication's attire was also highlighted as their colored gear represented their Gables spirit and creativity.

“I thought it was a well-thought-out event and it was nice to see the people who deserved it get awards. It was so fun to get food and take professional pictures with all of my friends,” sophomore Valeria Cifuentes said.

Awards were called out, as each publication’s editorial board was given specific titles, and EICs and advisers moved on to call out individual recognitions. A short speech preceded every presentation of awards and those awarded posed for a short moment in front of student and professional photographers. Numerous members of each publication were moved by the touching words spoken by their leaders, regardless of if it was them or their peers that received an award.

“I would say it was well-planned, considering the audience. I personally liked [last year’s] venue more because it was just different from a regular hotel but the buffet was amazing. I really liked the food this year and I think it was able to accommodate better to those who dietary restrictions. I also loved the tea and coffee station and overall had a great time,” junior Luna Santiago said.

Once all recognitions were handed to their recipients, Sol and Roa waited until all students were settled down to continue with the festivities. Catharsis was called out first to take a group picture with the ambient background of the hotel’s patio fountain, as they moved on to enjoy the brunch buffet available to them. With soft music flowing throughout the room, publications took turns posing to capture the memories made and sort through the warm food.

“The food was delicious and the event was emotional, it was sad to see all the seniors cry at their recognition. It was great to spend a morning with my friends and other members of my publication,” sophomore Alexander Tam-Solis said.

For the next hour, students of different and of the same publications mingled, recalling the moments they shared together throughout the school year. Going up for seconds and drinks, Cavaliers used the CAF&DM banquet as a final event together before graduation to recount their successes as a publication.

At around 12 p.m., Mrs. Zuniga and her Quill and Scroll took the microphone again to thank attendees for their presence and efforts within their academy, wishing them the best for next year. Mrs. Zuniga celebrated Quill and Scroll’s Social Media Chair and highlight’s Content Manager Editor senior Manuel Espinosa with the Top CAF&DM Award for application to his publication and the CAF&DM academy. For the next half hour, students began saying their goodbyes and leaving the banquet with stomachs full and awards in hand.

About the Contributor
Marina Astorga
Marina Astorga, CavsConnect News Editor
As a sophomore in the International Baccalaureate program, Marina Astorga is excited to come back to CavsConnect for her second year in the publication. This year, she will return as News Editor and hopes to grow both as a person and a student. Marina has a special interest in journalism, chemistry and reading. She makes it a point to be involved in Gables, holding board positions on the International Baccalaureate Honor Society and Key Club. Outside, she can be found playing volleyball, skateboarding or riding her bike. During her free time, she enjoys rating new restaurants, reading murder mystery books and coming up with her own recipes. She is known to make dumb jokes and act as her friend's personal esthetician. When summertime finally comes, she goes back to Spain to visit her family and friends.
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