The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Artificial Intelligence has spread drastically and is being used all across the globe to aid in educational work.

Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI Use in Academia

Gabriela Vega and Anthony Fajardo Apr 1, 2024

The use of Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially in schools across the globe. Not only is it being used for its intended purpose, research, but it is also being used to cheat on exams, write...

A show full of laughs, triumphs and controversy, The Oscars nominations and final decisions are debated by Coral Gables Senior Highs students.

Students React to the 96th Annual “Oscars”

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer Mar 18, 2024

As awards show season kicked off widespread across the televisions of millions of households worldwide, viewers cheered in their living rooms, scowled at the television and stared in awe as they watched...

Amidst disagreements between TikTok and Universal Music Group in contract extensions, TikTok has removed a significant portion of trendy audios from their site.

TikTok Removes Universal Music Group Artists From Their Catalog

Anthony Fajardo, Staff Writer Mar 17, 2024

In the evolving landscape of social media, TikTok has become a global sensation, captivating users with its short-form videos and creativity. However, TikTok’s recent decision to remove music from Universal...

Protesting for closure, individuals in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spread awareness on how a 3-inch nail was found in a dolphins throat.

An Ending to the Inhumane Treatment of Marine Animals at Miami Seaquarium

Barbara Teixeira and Yara Korse Mar 15, 2024

Miami Seaquarium has long been a center for tourists and locals to enjoy swimming with dolphins, fish feeding and most importantly, the famous orca show. Since its opening in 1955, the aquarium’s history...

In all school settings, cheating is unfortunately a very common thing.

The Culture of Cheating: Should Schools Be More Forgiving?

Elyse Harris, Staff Writer Mar 12, 2024

Cheating has been a prevalent issue in the education system for years. Many students resort to cheating on homework, tests, projects and other academic work for the sake of better grades. While some students...

The band room is blocked off to students and teachers, preventing the direct passage from the 9000 to the 6000 outdoor cafeterias.

District Woes Backtrack Phase 2 of Gables Renovations

Andres Rodriguez, Sports Editor Mar 9, 2024

A new wave of construction has swept Coral Gables Senior High, taking the form of "Phase II", which is the second part of the county's revamping project. Concurrently occurring with classes and afterschool...

 After ten days in theaters Dune 2 grossed $368 million internationally, which was triple the domestic tally of the first film.

Dune 2: A Cinematographic Spectacle and Plot-Building Triumph

Luke Savage, Staff Writer Mar 7, 2024

Release Date: March 1, 2024 Director: Denis Villeneuve MPAA Rating: PG-13 Rating: 9.5/10 Dune 2 is the second film in a trilogy series based on Frank Herbert's Dune novels. The sequel film...

SZAs new release, Saturn, has reached the stars commercially, as well as the ears of the people.

Discovering Heavenly Melodies: SZAs New Song ‘Saturn'”

Valentina Gomez, Staff Writer Mar 1, 2024

Artist: SZA Single Title: Saturn Release Date: Feb. 22, 2024 Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Genre: Neo-Soul, R&B The sounds of celestial bells ding repeatedly and a...

Protestors have gathered in Alabamas capital to voice their disapproval of the recent ruling, claiming that frozen embryos are not children. They fight for reproductive rights of women all across the country as they demand access to fertility care.

IVF Ruling in Alabama Impacts Future of Families Across the Country

Kate Kuryla, Staff Writer Feb 29, 2024

Abortion rights, one of the many controversies Americans cannot agree on, have been significantly reduced since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The landmark Supreme Court decision, which once gave women...

Alexei Navalny, Russias only hope for a democratic opposition to Vladimir Putin, has died after previously surviving chemical burns and poisoning.

Alexei Navalny’s Death: Further Proof That Putin Is an Existential Threat to Democracy

Emmanuelle Desmet, Opinion Editor Feb 20, 2024

Alexei Navalny, a prominent political dissident of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died on Feb. 16 in a Russian prison at age 47. The anticorruption activist had previously been poisoned with Novichok,...

VULTURES 1 is the first installment of a three-volume series between Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign.

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign Produce VULTURES 1

Luke Savage, Staff Writer Feb 15, 2024

Artist: Kanye West Album Title: VULTURES 1 Genre: Trap/R&B Release Date: Feb. 9, 2024 Album Rating: 8.5/10 VULTURES 1 is a partner album composed by artists Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign....

Anyone but You generated $6 million during its opening weekend.

Anyone but You: Fans in Awe As They Leave the Theater

Gabrielle Solomon Feb 11, 2024

Director: Will Gluck Release date: Dec. 22, 2023 MPAA Rating: R Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Darren Barnet, Alexandra Shipp, Charlee Fraser, GaTa, Hadley Robinson and more Our rating:...

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