Social media has a language of its own, and recently, tone indicators have made their own mark.
A /Srs Guide to the Importance of Tone Indicators
Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer • November 14, 2021

Whether it was a TikTok comment or a Tweet, you probably have seen “/srs” (serious) or “/j” (joking)...

Systematic racism has a major impact on society which is shown through missing white woman syndrome and the dismissal of disappearances involving women of color or indigenous women.
Gaby Petito: Hundred of Missing Indigenous Women Left in the Shadows
Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

Gaby Petito was the unfortunate victim of a well-documented kidnapping and murder in Wyoming. As her...

Border patrol agents push Haitians trying to cross the Rio Grande with a hope of seeking asylum.
Seeking Refuge: The Unjust Mass Deportation of Haitians
Gabriela McGrath Moreira, OverFlow Editor • October 5, 2021

Immigration is one of the most complex topics the United States has faced as a nation. Currently, countless...

The Texan Government has enacted a ban on bodily autonomy that feels like we are going backwards in time.
Texas’s Abortion Ban: Six Weeks is Not Enough
Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer • September 21, 2021

There are countless reasons someone may want an abortion, and none of those reasons should need to be...

Naomi Osaka deserves better than the treatment she has been receiving from the tennis world.
Naomi Osaka’s Mental Health Battle: Paving the Way for Future Athletes
Emmanuelle Desmet, Staff Writer • September 13, 2021

To say that Naomi Osaka, the current third best women’s tennis player in the world, has had a rocky...

With its progressive history in the modern world, France seems to have thrown it all away. The recent decision to ban the wearing of hijabs is not about emphasizing secularism; it is about hindering Muslim womens rights.
France Bans the Hijab: A Bill Against Muslim Women and Children
Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer • April 16, 2021

About 5.7 million Muslims live in France, which makes this European country home to the largest population...

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