The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Floridas Gas Shortage: A Symptom of a Larger Problem

Florida’s Gas Shortage: A Symptom of a Larger Problem

Anthony Fajardo, Staff Writer May 14, 2023

Florida is no stranger to severe weather, but the flooding that hit the state in recent weeks has caused unexpected consequences.  Oil delivery has faced severe adversity, resulting in limited availability...

A look inside Motek’s new branch in Coral Gables, with modern design choices to accompany the delectable dishes.

Two-Time Winner of Burger Bash: Motek Opens its Doors in Coral Gables

Marina Astorga and Samantha Gonzalez Apr 30, 2023

Our Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5) Location: 45 Miracle Mile, Miami, FL 33134 Motek, Hebrew for sweetheart, and said to be “the restaurant of our dreams” by couple Tessa and Charlie Levy,...

As the once military haircut rises in popularity, teens from around the world begin to participate in the new trend of receiving a buzz cut.

What’s The Buzz All About?

Samantha Gonzalez, Staff Writer Apr 8, 2023

The buzz cut is a popular haircut that makes many appearances throughout the halls of high schools around the globe. As the military style takes over the minds of teenagers, many are currently deciding...

Enacting a six week abortion ban, Floridas abortion laws take a turn for the worse.

Florida’s Abortion Laws Face a Drastic Change

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer Apr 6, 2023

Almost exactly a year after Florida's 15-week abortion ban ruling, the Senate has passed a bill that further strips women of their right to choose. As of April 3, this new bill drastically reduces the...

Lana Del Reys recent album has been met with widespread clinical acclaim.

Lana Del Rey’s New Album Leaves Fans in an Emotional Rollercoaster

Kate Kuryla and Melissa Hernandez Mar 28, 2023

Album Title: "Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd" Genre: Alternative/Indie, Pop  Release Date: March 24, 2023  Our Rating: A+  After what felt like centuries, singer and...

Throughout the hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Chew explained the ins and outs of the applications functions to the members of Congress.

U.S. Lawmakers Shamefully Attempt To “Swipe” TikTok Away

Joseph Abrahantes and Selena Feal Mar 25, 2023

As we move further into 2023, TikTok’s troubles continue to mount, leaving the future of the application in jeopardy. TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular apps in recent years, with its short-form...

Reality TV shows are known all around the world for their entertaining antics, but these series often foster toxic relationships.

The Sad “Reality” of Reality TV Relationships

Joseph Abrahantes, Staff Writer Mar 22, 2023

Welcome to the world of reality television, where the line between reality and scripted drama is blurred, and love is just another plot device. While audiences tune in not only for the glitz and glamor...

Citizens are protesting as the Willow Project is passed into law.

The Willow Oil Project in Alaska Endangers the Wellbeing of Natives and the Environment

Jacqueline Rodero, Staff Writer Mar 16, 2023

A proposed oil project on American territory, Willow has grown to be the largest. It is anticipated to have a substantial impact on animal migration patterns, threaten the health of nearby populations...

Students all over Florida deal with the repercussions of lacking proficiency in Algebra 1.

Accelerated Math: Beneficial or Counterproductive?

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer Mar 15, 2023

In recent years, advanced tracks have undoubtedly become the norm; many students are increasingly opting to take accelerated mathematics or science courses throughout their middle school years. For parents...

As the new season was released, fans were eager to see what it is all about.

Outer Banks Out of Material?

Emma Rivera, Staff Writer Mar 8, 2023

Platform: Netflix Release Date: Feb. 23, 2023 Director: Josh Pate Cast: Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Carlacia Grant, Drew Starkey, Charles Esten,...

As cases of students with mental disabilities committing acts of violence are revealed, it brings into question what role does the school system play in aiding those with mental illness?

Educational Inequalities Towards Disabilities

Avril Donner and Marina Astorga Mar 2, 2023

In almost every facet of their lives, disabled students suffer stigma, low expectations and marginalization, and school is no exception. Across the United States, only 65 percent of students in special...

Disney and DeSantis come face to face in order to settle the new regalements and protocols Disney will follow.

Mickey vs DeSantis

Cinthia Cruz, Staff Writer Mar 2, 2023

 Governor Ronald DeSantis has recently decided that Disney World should no longer hold its self-governing status. For more than 50 years, Disney has had its own taxing system, which allowed the company...

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