President Trump makes call to Georgia Secretary of State in an attempt to overturn 2020 election.
Trump Threatens Georgia's Secretary of State for Votes
Lucia Chico, Staff Writer • January 12, 2021

Although the presidential election was in November, and the results showed former Vice President Joe...

Compared to the lack of diversity in the Trump administration, Biden appoints people to his Cabinet from varying backgrounds and ethnicities.
Staying True to His Word: Biden Picks a Diverse Group of Appointees
Lucia Chico, Staff Writer • December 15, 2020

Beginning with the historic nomination of Kamala Harris for Vice President, President-elect Joe Biden...

As we endured the long process that came with the presidential election of 2020, there seems to be a reoccurring pattern with the flaws in this centuries-old system.
Is it Time to Rethink the Electoral College System?
Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer • December 1, 2020

The Electoral College was created by the Founding Fathers in 1804 for the purpose of ensuring American...

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: Bodily Autonomy up for Debate?
Abigail Felan, Staff Writer • October 22, 2020

The topic of women’s reproductive rights has always been a hot topic for both left and right-leaning...

As Americans experience the change in weather and leaves, a new season is among us: the flu season. With COVID-19 still, a big problem, it is important to get the Flu vaccine.
The Flu Vaccine: More Important than Ever
Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer • October 22, 2020

As the leaves begin to turn, we reach the season that so many dread: flu season. This season comes every...

The Tiktok ban in India has had a major affect on the social media application, which has lost a major part of its audience. Users load the app on their phones to watch short yet entertaining videos.
Indian Tiktok Ban Does More Harm than Good
Sofia Cruz, News Editor • July 19, 2020

Tiktok, a Chinese social media application launched in 2016, has amassed a great number of users since...

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