The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


Multiple Cavalier runners attained personal records at the annual Spanish River Invitational.
Cool Runnings: The Cavaliers Zoom Past the Spanish River Invitational
Andres Rodriguez, Sports Editor • Sep 26, 2023

The crack of daylight welcomed runners from the state of Florida to the 41st annual...

The varsity team storms the court after a three set victory over Mast Academy. Each member is all for teamwork and hugs.
Lady Cavaliers Crush the Competition versus MAST Academy
Elijah Cima, Staff Writer • Sep 18, 2023

During a thrilling home game that brought fans to the edge of their seats, the Lady...

Defending every yard, both varsity Cavaliers and Cobras are challenged amongst each other in the second game of the season.
Football Varsity Cavaliers Renew their Rivarly
Aaron Rojas, Faces of Gables Editor • Sep 10, 2023

Two weeks had passed since the tough loss against American Senior High, but the...

Our History & Tradition

The Athletic Department at Coral Gables Senior High School has a long history of achievement and excellence.


From a football program that has been crowned national champions four times, to the numerous state and local championships that have been won in track, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, badminton, and swimming, Gables continues to field teams that are a source of pride to both our school and community.


A constant emphasis on academics results in our student athletes earning some of the highest grade point averages in the country. Our school boasts four former Olympians, three Super Bowl champions, and a number of current professional baseball, football, golf, and tennis players.

Senior Andreus Rios makes his entrance on the field, alongside his teammates.
Quarterback Andreus Rios Leads the Charge from the Pocket
Anthony Fajardo, Staff Writer • Sep 9, 2023

Living and breathing the number one sport in America, senior Andreus Rios is the...

Staring the pitcher down, Diago leads by example on the plate.
Baseball Star and Captain: Uncovering Idail Diago's Journey
Andres Rodriguez, Sports Editor • Mar 15, 2023

Touring ballparks across Miami-Dade and Broward County, senior Idail Diago returns...

Freshman Adriana Muñoz peers ahead for any open players.
Watch Out Miami-Dade Soccer, Here Comes Adriana Muñoz
Samantha Gonzalez, Staff Writer • Mar 8, 2023

Leaping for penalty kicks when it matters most, freshman Adriana Muñoz is fully...

The high flying teenager of womens tennis, Coco Gauff held up her U.S. Open championship trophy in awe. A total of 3.4 million people watched the young American capture her first individual title.
Coco Gauff Makes Tennis History with Her First Grand Slam
Yara Korse, Staff Writer • Sep 12, 2023

At the professional level, the Grand Slam tournaments are ideal stages for athletes...

After spending a majority of his career playing for European Leagues, Messi has committed to take a step back and to promote soccer in the United States. His desire to win has spilled over into Inter MIami.
Lionel Messi has Officially "Inter"ed Miami
Santiago Rodriguez, Staff Writer • Aug 16, 2023

The international sensation Lionel Messi has arrived in Miami, Fla. to extend his...

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