Systematic racism has a major impact on society which is shown through missing white woman syndrome and the dismissal of disappearances involving women of color or indigenous women.

Gaby Petito: Hundred of Missing Indigenous Women Left in the Shadows

Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer October 11, 2021

Gaby Petito was the unfortunate victim of a well-documented kidnapping and murder in Wyoming. As her name circled national news channels, her horrific case raised several key issues: that is, over 710...

Border patrol agents push Haitians trying to cross the Rio Grande with a hope of seeking asylum.

Seeking Refuge: The Unjust Mass Deportation of Haitians

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, OverFlow Editor October 5, 2021

Immigration is one of the most complex topics the United States has faced as a nation. Currently, countless Haitian immigrants are seeking refuge from life-threatening situations. This crisis is yet another...

Hurricane season is ongoing and causing turmoil nationwide. With Covid-19 still a threat its hard to feel safe even seeking shelter from hurricanes due to the risk of infection and lack of precautionary measures.

Hurricane Season and an Everlasting Pandemic: How Do We Prepare?

Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer September 25, 2021

Hurricane season is already an anxious time for those living on the East Coast. With the excess COVID-19 precautions that need to be taken, many find themselves worrying about their safety. Hurricane...

The Met Gala 2021 was eagerly awaited by fans but ended up disappointing most of them with its hard-to-follow theme and terrible fashion.

Met Gala 2021: a Fashion Fiasco

Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

The Met Gala is undoubtedly the most anticipated fashion event of the year. It’s an occasion for all guests to show off extravagant outfits made by the best designers in the world. Wearing an amazing...

Seniors Lenny Roque (right) and Isabella Flores (left) talking about the new uniform policy being implemented in the school

New Uniform Policy Sweeps Gables as Students Try and Adjust

Michael Evelyn, Staff Writer September 19, 2021

With the start of the new school year, many students have responded negatively to the significantly stricter enforcement of the uniform policy. As opposed to previous years, polos are now enforced for...

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned after a series of sexual harassment.

Once Hailed as a COVID-19 Hero, Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer August 30, 2021

Once deemed the all-star hero against COVID-19, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from office in early August after three terms of service. The resignation comes after months of sexual harassment...

Britney Spear, the captivating singer who took the world by storm after her fist single, is finally receiving the justice she so desperately deserves.

Britney Spears Fights for Her Freedom

Tanya Colodner, Staff Writer August 28, 2021

Britney Spears is a world-renowned American pop star who reached her peak in the early 2000s. Her quick rise to fame earned her many loyal supporters and, in turn, made her one of the most talked about...

As school begins there is a mask mandate in place for Miami Dade County. Despite backlash, it is essential for the sake of public health.

As the Spread of COVID-19 Worsens, Should Mask Mandates Persist?

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer August 24, 2021

As the new school year approaches, there have been many debates regarding whether or not masks should be mandatory in schools across the country, especially here in Florida. Though many Americans have...

Billie Eilish is an iconic artist who has recently opened up about some of the challenges, mental and other, she has faced during her life.

Billie Eilish’s Newfound Power

Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

As a musical icon, Billie Eilish continues to amass millions of new fans, all while dealing with the ups and downs of being in the public eye. Known for her unique baggy clothing and black and green hair,...

Matt Gaetz, a United States Representative from Florida, is often known as one of Trumps most loyal advocates. Question is, is he becoming more like Trump rather than for Trump with these sex scandals?

Matt Gaetz: Floridian Representative Caught in Scandal

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

As the noise from the Trump era begins to fade, a new scandal from one of Trump’s most loyal defenders, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, has recently broken headlines. The 38 year old lawyer ran to...

Florida recently passed Bill 1475 which endangers the rights of transgender student athletes from participating from school athletics.

Florida’s New Anti Trans-Bill: A Disgusting Setback for Student Athletes

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor May 1, 2021

Florida's House of Representatives have recently passed a puzzling bill known as Bill 1475 which this bill would prevent transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports throughout Florida in...

The rise in hate crimes on Asian Americans has grown exponentially.

Why is AAPI Hate Rising Across the United States?

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer April 18, 2021

On March 16, 2021, eight people were shot in the Atlanta area, six of whom were Asian-American. Just in this past year, Asian Americans have been targeted in nearly 3,800 incidents. One of the main culprits...

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