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Unveiling the Real Coachella Experience

Joseph Abrahantes
Coachella continues to draw in thousands of spectators each year. However, behind the scenes, the festival is not as pleasurable as it is portrayed to be.

While walking into a scorching desert scene full of stages, food trucks and thousands of people, an avid music fan is hopeful that the performances ahead will be well worth the hype. Unfortunately, for many, this is not the case. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an event advertised to be full of music, laughter and memories, is surprisingly more tiresome than fun. None of these tempting features make up for the downsides that follow this yearly music festival. The high costs, blazing heat and bumper-to-bumper traffic prevent attendees from having an enjoyable experience. Despite this, the allure of celebrity sightings and Instagram-worthy moments persists, drawing enormous crowds each year. 

“While Coachella might seem like the perfect chance to see your favorite artists, the cost is way too high. More average people need to have the opportunity to attend. The Coachella experience is truly not worth the money,” sophomore Alejandro Monroy said. 

Coachella is typically held during the middle of April in Indio, Calif. It takes place over the course of two weekends, this year falling on Apr. 12 and Apr. 19. The festival is a celebration of music and art, bringing together thousands of attendees from across the world every year. The sense of community and camaraderie amidst the chaos of the festival grounds can be unforgettable. Yet, beyond the magic of the live performances, the flaws of Coachella diminish its appeal. 

One of Coachella’s most concerning aspects is its excessively high price tag. Admission alone is $500. The cost of travel, food and merchandise can easily add up to be over $1,000. Even the cost of camping on Coachella grounds is not cheap, for sleeping in a cramped tent will be another $150. When this is added to $11 for a slice of pizza and $18 for a glass of lemonade, the concert-goer is left with little to spare. Coachella continues to empty the pockets of thousands of listeners every year, making the attendees themselves question if all of these financial sacrifices are really worth it. 

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“Coachella is becoming something that caters to people that are well-known. It is losing its main, more diverse audience that actually wants to go but cannot afford it. In my opinion, the festival is becoming way too expensive,” junior Melanie Mendez said. 

Besides the funds required, the high-temperatures and heavy traffic are also a part of the Coachella battle. As temperatures exceed 80 degrees and parking becomes nearly impossible, maintaining a positive attitude grows more challenging. While many individuals are willing to do almost anything to see their favorite artist, the hardships of Coachella are not worth the experience.

“I think Coachella is bad because online influencers are advocating for a dangerous event. They make it seem like it’s all fun and games, but it can actually be very risky for young teenagers to attend. The mosh pits and crowds could lead to serious injuries. Nobody really displays that online, though,” junior Mia McLean said.

Before Coachella became a showcase for mainstream professionals and corporate sponsors, it was intended to support new, emerging artists. However, as times have changed, the authenticity and diversity that once defined Coachella no longer exists. The lineup of artists that attend the festival has been affected by commercial interests, leaving little room for those who have just begun their musical journeys. 

“Coachella is really not as great as social media makes it seem. It used to be a place where average people could enjoy music and culture, but now it has been taken over by celebrities. The festival has lost its true meaning,” sophomore Lucia Astorga said.

The artistic integrity that Coachella previously promoted has now been diluted due to the high demand for more well-known and influential singers. Artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and Tyler the Creator were major attractions this year, as they have been at the top of the music industry for many years. While it is important that famous artists get their time in the spotlight, smaller ones also deserve that same fame.

Coachella, which was once seen as a beacon of light for young performers, has lost its way. As the endless videos of artists performing at Coachella roam the Internet, teenagers and young adults mistakenly wish that they could be there to experience the euphoria. In actuality, Coachella is full of imperfections as it is highly disorganized, expensive and overcrowded. At this point, it is essential that changes are made to improve the experience for the average concert-goer as the festival is now simply a playground for the wealthy. 


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