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From Gables to Evanston: Georgia Rau’s Journalistic Odyssey

Georgia Rau anticipates studying journalism at Northwestern University, where she envisions a promising future in the field
Gabriela Vega
Senior Georgia Rau shows off her Northwestern University gear, knowing her path is yet to be discovered.

In the bustling halls of Coral Gables Senior High School, a young and passionate journalist-to-be is making waves. Meet senior Georgia Rau, a determined student who is bound to embark on a life-changing journey in the field of journalism. As Rau prepares to leave the sunny shores of Miami for Northwestern University and the city of Evanston, Illinois, she reminisces about her childhood and dreams of the promising future up ahead.

“Right before I opened my acceptance letter, I had my sister on FaceTime and two of my close friends, Amalia Garrido and Emily Kardijan, next to me. I wanted someone there to be either really sad or really happy with,” senior Georgia Rau said.

Senior Amalia Garrido and Georgia Rau enjoy their last few months together with their friends before heading off to college. (Courtesy of Georgia Rau)

Rau’s story began in the city of Miami, where she spent her developmental years cultivating a deep appreciation for storytelling and politics. Raised in a culturally rich environment, her experiences in Miami have influenced her perspective and fueled her curiosity about the narratives that make up the world.

“I love that I’m going to be in a small town that has direct access to a bigger city like Chicago. I’ll be able to experience all that Evanston has to offer and also be able to enjoy the tourism of Chicago,” senior Rau said.

It was within the walls of Gables that Rau discovered her true passion for journalism. The school’s newspaper magazine, Highlights, provided a platform for her to express herself and became the breeding ground for her love of the written word. Rau’s involvement in the school magazine started during her sophomore year where she continued to grow in order to attain the title of Managing Editor during her senior year. 

The teachers, mentors and the supportive environment at Gables played a pivotal role in shaping Rau’s journey. Pursuing a well-rounded education in the International Baccalaureate program, coupled with extracurricular opportunities like tennis and volleyball, she prepared herself for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in her journalism studies.

As the time approached to make the pivotal decision between the five universities that she applied to, Rau weighed the pros and cons of them which led her to her final decision: Northwestern University. The prestigious Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications stood out as the ideal institution to nurture her journalistic aspirations.

“I really liked the program, and I loved the people there. I found some that are similar to me in so many ways and met some of my closest friends there, some who I have even gone to visit in New York,” senior Rau said.

(Left to right) Gia Liu, Sylvia Zeltzer, Georgia Rau, Annabel Chia, Alexa Newsom and Ashley Dong spent some time at the beach, as a way to bond with each other during the Cherubs summer program. (Courtesy of Georgia Rau)

Participating in a month-long summer program on campus, known as Cherubs, allowed her to boost her chance of acceptance since it was already a very selective program to begin with. Meeting new people and experiencing life as a college student bolstered the university in her personal rankings. The promise of learning from industry professionals, engaging in hands-on experiences and being part of a community committed to excellence fueled her decision to embark on this academic adventure.

“During the summer program, a huge scandal about the school’s football team came out, and we were able to see the process that the staff members went through when writing and publishing an article for ‘The Daily Northwestern’. It’s cool because not only is it the official newspaper of Northwestern, but it’s the only news source of Evanston,” senior Rau said.

Although finishing up her college applications was challenging, Rau managed to submit them all before the deadlines and hoped for the best.

This new chapter of Rau’s life will not only include new knowledge, but friends too. (Left to right) Dov Elul, Sylvia Zeltzer, Georgia Rau. (Courtesy of Georgia Rau)

“My advice for incoming seniors is to not waste your time over the summer and start building up your resume. Try to get as involved as you possibly can and stay informed on the schools you want to apply to in the fall,” senior Rau said.

As Rau bids farewell to the Gables community, she carries with her not just an International Baccalaureate diploma but a wealth of experiences that have molded her into the aspiring journalist she is today.

Rau stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the pursuit of one’s passion. Northwestern University awaits with its world-class journalism program for a new narrative to be written by a sprouting journalist with a bright future ahead.

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Gabriela Vega
Gabriela Vega, CavsConnect Staff Writer
Gabriela Vega is a junior in the International Baccalaureate program at Coral Gables Senior High School. This is her third year in the publication, and she proudly owns up to her spot as a staff writer. Along with being an ongoing member of the International Baccalaureate Honor Society at Gables, she also takes part in other clubs that help grow the number of opportunities that come her way. After leaving behind an important era of her life, she focuses on school and her internship at a Certified Public Accountant office, but also makes time for her friends. She has a wide array of interests such as watching movies, kayaking with her dad on the weekends and driving her younger brothers all around Miami. Writing has always been one of her strong suits, so she chose to use that to her advantage and join CavsConnect, which has allowed her to blossom and improve her writing exponentially, especially when it comes to IB exams.
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