Concordia. McGill. Tufts. FSU. Just a couple of the many universities seniors committed to. Each senior slowly made their way to the booth, celebrating their future school pride.
Concordia. McGill. Tufts. FSU. Just a couple of the many universities seniors committed to. Each senior slowly made their way to the booth, celebrating their future school pride.
Vivian Pritchett

The Class of 2024 Closes their Cavalier Era with College Signing Day

As seniors will soon bid farewell to their home, the event becomes one of the last highschool moments together

Entering less than a week away before reaching every student’s accounted dream on walking across the stage to recieve their diploma, the nostalgia of their time comes to an end. With countless sleep-deprived nights pouring over college applications, studying for final exams, writing inumerable essays and agonizing over which school’s colors they would wear whole-heartedly next year, the seniors were ready to announce their collegiate commitments official, just like the previous 73 graduating classes.

With some heading to universities just hours away, while others crossing multiple time zones in pursuit of their dreams, the entire class met together for one last time on Monday, May 20, in the gymnasium wearing their new alama mater gear.

Before the event started, towards the backside of the room, a large poster awaited the permanent inking of each student’s college choice, while the entrance featured a college photo booth complete with university banners and props for seniors to pose with.

Empowering themselves as the next Seminoles, the college-bound Cavaliers pose with former FSU alumnus and current CAP Advisor, Ms. Sanz. (Vivian Pritchett)

Opening the session came Masters of the Ceremony Ms. Barrow, and students Kayla Castro and Jamar Howard, who welcomed the newly college-bound Cavaliers and kicked off a series of rousing activities befitting of one final celebration together.

Announcing the first event came a musical chairs-style tournament. With a whopping 61 volunteers moving cautiously around 61 seats as the music played on, with each passing round, chairs were swiftly removed, and the competition intensified until it was between seniors Jordan Bueso and Juilianna Guzman. Before starting the final round, Ms. Barrow asked the audience on who would win, resulting in countless cheers and claps for both sides as the final ironic music, “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna played. With Guzman winning the final seat, she was gifted an Amazon giftcard for her triumph efforts.

In hopes of becoming the fastest to finish the pop ballon game, Georgia Tech-bound Alexander Brazda rushes against his fellow friends. (Vivian Pritchett)

Next up, a pop-the-balloon relay race was divided by another tournament-style with one university against another. Featuring Florida State University, University of Florida, Florida International University, Miami-Dade College and an out-of-state institution, each team was filled with 10 members. As music played signaling go, the starting runners blazed down the gymnasium, balloons clutched tightly, until reaching the bursting stations. In the end, UF and MDC tied causing for a subsequent rematch.

After a lively tie-breaker, UF emerged victorious, cheers and chants of “Go Gators!” resounding through the rafters.

For the final game, a tug-of-war put seniors to the test in strength. With Mr. Molina putting on the cap as referee, the tenacity was put to reality as FSU pulled past UF before toppling FIU in the finals.

In a battle of competitiveness, Team Out-of-State attempts to conquer their opponent FIU, to earn the title as the strongest school. (Vivian Pritchett)

As the adrenaline subsided, the music and court took over, beckoning seniors to dance, snap pictures, and savor those last treasured moments with their classmates. All the while, the masters of the ceremony scanned the crowd, eyes peeled for the most spirited soon-to-be alum. Interrupting the atmosphere by calling five individuals, senior Charlee Trowbridge stood out the crowd with her University of Miami hand-painted pants.

While new chapters is inevitably awaited, college signing day represented one final chance for the seniors to come together as Cavaliers. Amidst the games and final emotions, a bond was celebrated, filled what only could have been experienced in high school.

As they prepared to walk across the long-awaited stage on May 28, the seniors were able to rejoice their incredible journey as the Class of 2024.


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