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Class of 2025’s Rings Shine at the Junior Ring Ceremony

As stylish souvenirs, junior rings marked a promise from the Class of 2025
Matthew Castano
Juniors compared and complimented each other’s rings, a custom creation that held personal preferences and served as a high school memento.

From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Class of 2025 attended the annual Junior Ring Ceremony in the auditorium, for a night of Cavalier tradition and personalized pride. As they officially moved up to the ranks of upperclassmen, on March 5, Coral Gables Senior High’s junior students received their junior rings, a symbol of their path to graduation.

As the auditorium lobby’s doors opened to the parents and other attendees, Student Activities members handed them the evening’s programs and guided the crowds towards their respective seating. Once this process was done, the Class of 2025 flooded the lobby, dressed in semi formal attire, ready to attend the ceremony that would shine a light on their dedication to the Cavalier community.

“Leading the juniors during the ceremony and acting as the host for an event for my first time were definitely the biggest highlights of the night since I found immense pride in successfully helping make this night memorable for the Class of 2025,” junior Tiffany Beh said.

With the room’s seating full, Class of 2025 sponsor Mrs. Ayleen Monzon greeted attendees, thanked them for their presence and constant support and introduced the ceremony’s purpose. Gables’ Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps then took the stage to showcase the Presentation of Colors, an honorary celebration that marked the first show of honor during the evening.

“This ring means a lot to me because it’s been a family tradition of mine to get our junior rings. When my uncle came to this school, he got his ring and attended the ceremony and so did my cousin when she attended Gables only a few years ago. My mom and stepmom also got their rings and kept telling me that the ceremony is a key part of the high school experience and they insisted that I experience it as well,” junior Brianna Bustamante said.

Class of 2025 president Beh was welcome onto the stage to announce the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by junior class secretary Melissa Hernandez who sung “The Star Spangled Banner”. Beh then welcomed Gables’ principal Mr. Ullivari to the spotlight. He appreciated the junior’s commitment to the Gables family and expressed the importance of the ceremony.

“The ceremony impacted me and the importance of my ring because it demonstrated it’s more that just something cool to wear, it has a history and that history made the ring even more important as it is a way to continue inspiring us to study and eventually graduate,” junior Matthew Fuenmayor said.

Junior class marketing executive Caitlin Savage then detailed the tradition of unity and the significance of all the ring bearers placing their jewelry on at the same time, to mark their totality as the Class of 2025. Herff Jones Miami Photo representative David Anaya was brought up to the microphone to describe the longevity of the class ring tradition, thank students for allowing the company to produce their jewelry and take part in this moment of their high school careers.

“At the ceremony, I felt really nervous at first walking up to the stage, but then felt way better when I saw my family while posing for pictures. The ceremony not only made me but also my family members emotional because it meant that I was moving onto this next stage of my life. It put into reality that I am now an upperclassmen and will be leaving for college only next year,” junior Brianna Bustamante said.

Juniors were then escorted out of the auditorium as Mrs. Monzon called out the names of first few students who received their ring: the Class of 2025 board. Thanking their sponsor for her constant guidance, Beh and Class of 2025 treasurer Alejandra Alberti then welcomed juniors individually to the stage, calling their names to collect a white flower, a turning card and their class ring.

“I was motivated to buy a ring because my sister had already bought and it helps demonstrate how far we have come as juniors and […] it helps give us a special remembrance of high school,” junior Matthew Fuenmayor said.

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Hernandez was welcomed back onstage to explain the unique process juniors were to follow as they placed their rings on for the first time. She instructed the Cavaliers to wear their piece so that when they held their hand out, the school name around the stone was facing the bearers.

“I choose a yellow gold, princess cut ring, and for the stone, I choose my birth stone, for April, which is a white sapphire. For the symbols, I got my name on one side of the ring with the logo of International Baccalaureate, ‘Class of 2025’ on the other side, and my initials engraved on the inside. I choose this ring because I believe it best summarizes a little part of my life here at Gables,” junior Brianna Bustamante said.

Then focusing the Class of 2025’s attention to their turning card, Hernandez asked them to participate in the time-honored tradition of turning their class ring. Each junior turned their ring 25 times towards their pinky finger, reserving the final turn, 26th turn, for a special someone, which was rotated in the opposite direction.

“They were not to just put the ring on, but the whole class [needed] to do it at the same time and they needed to turn their ring depending on the year they graduate. This is important because it seals the deal in a sense; once you’ve obtain your class ring you’ve reach a milestone,” junior Hernandez said.

With their rings on, Cavaliers locked the final turn with a kiss to ‘seal’ the process. Having already selected and purchased rings, varying in size and color, juniors modeled the jewelry that was encrusted with their high school’s name and would hold their future memories. Mrs. Monzon then made closing remarks, reminding juniors of their responsibility to uphold Gables pride and encouraged them to rejoice in their new status.

“I chose a thinner ring with my mother’s birthstone in it as I wanted something I would genuinely wear and have it be meaningful.
The ring is a reminder that I am leaving high school soon and moving on with [what will be] the previous stage of my life,” junior Isabella Elyza Arias said.

With the transition to upperclassmen formally marked, juniors look forward to their road of becoming alumni and the many events they will enjoy on the way. As seniors next school year, students will reverse the ring so that their school will face the person looking at their hand, a testament to their Cavalier pride.

“I think it’s cool that a tangible object represents a sort of growth. It’s beautiful that you’re given something that you’ll be able to hold onto forever. To show your kids and wear with pride as you continue to surpass each milestone life has in store for you,” junior Hernandez said.

A Look into the Class of 2025 Board
President Tiffany Beh

"As president of junior class, I am responsible for all activities for juniors, which have included Busch Gardens, New York’s out-of-state college tour and the ring ceremony. I love being part of the board because of the people I have gotten to work with over the past two years. They really make everything, from the little tasks to the big ones, worthwhile," junior Tiffany Beh said.

Vice President Allison D'Alincourt

“We like to divide all of the tasks so no one feels like they have too much work or are doing too little. We organize both of the college trips and handle the basics: checklists for eligibility and fundraising. I like when the rest of my class tells me things and I report it back, to create a more student-run environment. It’s really important for all of us to get our classmates votes on the things we do,” junior Allison D’Alincourt said.

Secretary Melissa Hernandez

"[Since] the positions don’t have any specific jobs, we get told what we need to do and we delegate who will do what. Essentially, our job is to make our class’s high school experience memorable and worthwhile. I enjoy being a part of the Class of 2025 board because I know that I’m contributing. It’s very rewarding knowing that I, along side the other members, work very hard for our cohort," junior Melissa Hernandez said.

Treasurer Alejandra Alberti

"My responsibilities as the treasurer for the junior class are similar to the rest of the board since we all work together...[On the board,] I can be part of the people who make our high school experience more memorable and I have found a group of amazing people and I have lived a lot of great experiences thanks to being part of it.
I would say treat days are a big part of my contribution such as helping with ideas for the treats or choosing the theme for our decorations," junior Alejandra Alberti said.

Marketing Executive Caitlin Savage

"My responsibilities on board is to manage the class of 2025 Instagram and social media. I’m in charge of making the posts and keeping my class informed of all upcoming events and deadlines. Being a part of the board[...]gives me an opportunity to connect with more people, be more involved in school and to work closer with my fellow classmates," junior Caitlin Savage said.

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