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CAF&DM Leaves Cars Sparkly Clean During Their Annual Car Wash

Washing the cars of over 50 customers
Felipe Valdes
CAF&DM held their annual car wash on Sept. 24, in which over 30 journalists volunteered to wash cars. All publications joined together to raise money for their academy.

As early as 8:30 a.m., publication advisors and student volunteers alike joined together to fundraise for the Communications Arts, Film and Digital Media academy. Preparing promptly during August, organizers of the Quill and Scroll club, a nationally recognized journalism honor society, worked together to create their annual car wash that took place at Coral Gables Senior High during the morning of Sept. 24.

This car wash has been held in order to accumulate money for the program and all of its publications: CavsConnect, CavsTV, the Cavaleon, Catharsis and Highlights. Throughout the school year, CAF&DM has many funds to fulfill, from competing in Florida Scholastic Press Association to the annual celebrations during Journalism Week. This yearly car wash has served as a remedy for these soaring prices.

“Everything, as you know, is very expensive. One of the first things we have to do right now is go to Journalism Day at Miami-Dade Kendall. We have to pay for a bus; buses are expensive. In order for us to go to Orlando for FSPA, those bus prices have now doubled than what they used to be… At the end of the year, [we have] the banquet which we like to have at the Biltmore. It is just so expensive that these funds help us subsidize those costs,” CAF&DM academy lead teacher Ms. Zuniga said.

Having only one month to prepare, Quill & Scroll board members began by assigning roles. Gaining assistance from every publication at Gables, each branch was initially demanded to have their members sell two tickets. In doing so, the board was determined to make profit from the start. This pre-selling gained lots of traction, with some journalists selling over 10 tickets. This impressive work began to foreshadow the success that would come ahead.

“The most important part of working with the board and sponsor to achieve our goals is communicating and making sure everyone does their part so everything runs smoothly,” Quill & Scroll president, sophomore Sophia Sol said.

As tickets sold by the days, each publication was also tasked with collecting materials. Students brought in microfiber towels, car sponges, soap and a multitude of supplies that were necessary. Turning to others for aid was essential in creating a well organized fundraiser.

Students take their soap-filled sponges and spread the cleaning solution on the cars. (Felipe Valdes)

“The event was executed so well because of all the high spirits that each student of every publication brought. There was a great willingness to help in any way they could. Of course, with an event that requires a lot of people and a lot of work, that was the main aspect that helped us become so efficient and successful in our car wash… Between students and their advisors, I think the job was really well done,” Quill & Scroll board member sophomore Marina Astorga said.

Throughout the weeks, student volunteers from every branch began signing up. As the list became longer, all anticipated the fundraiser. Heard throughout every hall at Gables, student journalists were determined to tell their friends and peers to support. The car wash’s big hit had a direct correlation to the effort and persistence put in by all those involved.

“I was thrilled to participate in the annual CAF&DM car wash. It is a super fun and a great way for all the publications to raise money in order to participate in super cool journalism events and support all the hard work each of us do throughout the school year,” junior Julia Volman said.

The big day arrived and over 30 student volunteers arrived bright and early. As Quill & Scroll brought in the collected materials and laid them out, advisors delegated tasks to their trusted journalists.

By 9:00 a.m., the event had officially commenced. As the first car came rolling in at the entrance, the first step was collecting their pre-sold ticket. If not previously purchased, drivers were asked to buy a five dollar ticket, via cash or through Venmo. Opening different options for interested drivers called for a busy car wash.

CavsTV members, Noa Belehssen and Olivia Russo, pose in the cleaning station, holding sponges in their hands as their peers from different publications wash cars. (Felipe Valdes)

Making their way into the driveway, students then sprayed water over the cars. Thrown on by buckets or shot through the hose, the dirty cars were ready to be sent off to the cleaning station. While some students sat to scrub down the tire rims, others tip-toed to reach the car roof, ensuring every spot was left sparkly clean.

Drenched in cleaner solution, cars were rinsed off with water and taken to the drying station. There, they parked and awaited for workers to squeegee their windshield and dry their car windows and doors. Participants put in their elbow grease, and each customer left with a smile.

“Although as a senior, I’ve already gotten to know many people in every publication, I would definitely say that the car wash was an amazing bonding activity for all of the people who participated. No matter what, whether we knew each other [or not], we all felt very close to each other,” senior Noa Belehssen said.

With over 10 people per station, journalists were bound to be pooled with students from other publications. Each station bonded in their own way. Those hosing down the cars sprayed each other with cold water and those handling soap joked, creating pretend bubble beards and scrubbing their friends down with soap-filled sponges. Loud laughs were heard through the entire block. In an academy that can be so divided by publications, students created memorable experiences with each other, knowing all were united for the same common goal.

Concluding at approximately 12:30 p.m., over 50 cars had rolled in. Using the profits to assist CAF&DM with future events and activities, the car wash’s success will prove to be long-lasting.

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Angelina Morffi
Angelina Morffi, CavsConnect Co-Editor-in-Chief
Junior Angelina Morffi has spent her past two years embodying the term, "school spirit," and it remains on the top of her agenda for her third year at Gables. She currently holds leadership positions in Future Business Leaders of America, Academy of Finance and as she boasts most, in CavsConnect as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Outside of academics, Angelina works as a camp counselor. Tutoring eight-year-olds on simple mathematics and assisting them through their biggest troubles like misplacing crayons or leaving the playground, Angelina has loved serving her community. During her free time, when she is not solving drama caused by toddlers, Angelina loves to remain busy. If she is not addictively passing through levels on Candy Crush or baking from the box, then Angelina is certainly driving friends to Goodwill or stopping at Chill-N for ice cream. With big plans and an even bigger dreams, Angelina is excited to see what the future will bring for her. She is optimistic that whatever feats lie ahead, she will conquer, and whatever opportunities arrive at her door, she will twist open the doorknob.
Felipe Valdes
Felipe Valdes, CavsTV Staff
Felipe Valdes is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program. This is his first year in Cavs TV and he is excited to learn an array of skills encompassing photography, media production, and beyond, while also forming meaningful friendships to make his last year at Coral Gables Senior High as memorable as possible.  Felipe has a passion for baseball, which he started playing at 4. He has played varsity baseball at Gables since his freshman year and plans to continue his career at the collegiate level while also being a leader on his team. Along with baseball, Felipe finds enjoyment in spending time with friends and family as well as engaging in sports and outdoor activities. Throughout high school, Felipe has been involved in a multitude of clubs, such as HIP, IBHS, NEHS, SNHS, as well as FBLA, where he is on the board of membership. Felipe is looking forward to seeing where his Senior year takes him and cannot wait to be part of such a wonderful staff.  
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