The 21 FBLA board members take a picture for the 2024-2025 year while reminiscing about their past competitions and experiences.
The 21 FBLA board members take a picture for the 2024-2025 year while reminiscing about their past competitions and experiences.
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Taking the Role of FBLA to New Heights

As the school year reaches spring, the business club announced its new board for 2024-2025

With a myriad of clubs inhabiting the halls of Coral Gables Senior High, some undoubtedly stand out. At about 210 members, the Future Business Leaders of America club is a large operation with even larger goals as the second largest club in Miami-Dade County. Completing year-round business-related competitions of their choosing, club members work towards business and vocational literacy while striving to achieve greatness. 

As each year passes, however, the success of FBLA can only be accredited to the work their managing board does alongside their advisor Mr. Riesert. With the 2023-2024 school year coming to a close, the 21-member board was unveiled on Feb. 25, consisting of 10 divisions with different responsibilities to help FBLA run smoothly.

Among them, Co-FBLA Presidents Sebastian Portocarrero and Kalel Sada, Vice President of Operations Alec Medina and Secretary Victoria Fuller, will serve as core parts of the club, working side by side with the other team members to create a positive environment for all. Through a collective effort, the four members bring a unique lends and background towards their passion for business.

Co-President Sebastien Protocarrero

As each senior board member handed down their position to the new board, Portocarrero stood out, succeeding as one of the two future presidents of FBLA. Looking back at his sophomore year, after competing in the state-level competition for business law, Portocarrero returned this year intending to show his leadership skills by directing the Parliamentary Procedures team.

Initially, he began training the Parli Pro team on all aspects of the objective test and role play, including the performance, reading “Robert’s Rules Of Order” and making motions. Moreover, Portocarrero hosted practices twice a week, which was exemplified when the team shined, placing first at the district-level competition. Combined with his extensive business portfolio in the Academy of Finance, choosing him as the incoming FBLA President was the perfect choice due to his confidence in leadership and his previous positions on the board.

“The team encountered many ups and downs as this is their first year doing Parliamentary Procedures. I, along with Mr. Reisert and our other coach Ms. Palm, who is a parliamentarian, have familiarized them with the intricacies of this competition, ensuring they remained informed. Now that I am one of the presidents of FBLA, I am very excited to lead on alongside Kalel,” Junior Portocarrero said

Co-President Kalel Sada 

Going into his last year at Gables as the other Co-FBLA President, Sada has been working towards his position since joining the club in his freshman year. As enthusiasm and the opportunities given to members of FBLA pulled Sada in deeper, his ambition went up exponentially. Like many of his peers, Sada always had a strong interest in businesses. Recalling hearing about entrepreneurs making names for themselves, Sada wanted to achieve that success too. With his involvement with FBLA as well as in the AOF, Sada has acquired knowledge passed down from his former colleagues and wishes to continue that legacy by displaying his experiences to future members before he exits Gables in May 2025.

 Aside from his commitment to FBLA, he spends his time on the courts of Gables, playing Varsity Baseball as an outfielder. Competitively catching balls and returning them to the infield for outs, he ensures no runner advances in any base as number 25.

“I’m expecting FBLA to have its greatest year of all time. My goals for the club this upcoming year are beyond anything the school has ever seen,” junior Sada said.

Vice President of Operations Alec Medina

From a young age, Medina always admired successful business start-ups and hoped to one day pursue business professionally. Imagining that would begin for him in college as he worked to obtain his specialized degree, that would all change once he was introduced to FBLA as a freshman during Gables’s annual club fair. 

Throughout his first two years in the club, Medina participated in business competitions about accounting and attended monthly meetings, where he was always able to learn more about the subject that interested him. He was also able to make a plethora of friends in FBLA, unknowingly networking himself and writing his future.

Joining the FBLA board in his junior year as a member of the Operations Team, Medina hoped he would get the chance to one day step up as Vice President. Initially drawn to FBLA due to activities such as the annual in-state trip to Orlando, Medina feels his position on the board helped him be a part of the creative event he enjoyed so much. As Vice President of Operations, he hopes to be able to maintain the magic of FBLA trips, helping out with fundraising activities as well as mentoring others with help with competitions.

Secretary Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller’s involvement with FBLA was not accidental; rather, it was driven by a sincere desire to be a part of a group that offered opportunities and support. Leaving a lasting impression when she received the secretary position on the Board of Operations board was a milestone dream for the freshman.

However, Fuller’s responsibilities will go beyond just recording attendance and taking notes. Whether it’s preparing fun treat days that improve relationships among members or arranging field trips that broaden students’ perspectives, she hopes to pursue FBLA with a new responsibility. For now, Fuller will be attending the state competitions, playing the presiding officer in the Parli Pro team for Gables.

“I believe FBLA is an amazing organization that provides many great opportunities and the people that are part of this club are some of the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. It felt very rewarding to get the position and now contribute my passion, spirit and skills to FBLA,” freshman Fuller said.

With the new board getting passed on the club’s trajectory for unprecedented success, their vision to push boundaries depicts a future where they shape tomorrow’s business leaders. By showing their mindset when it comes to business, they ignite a path for those who want to follow through.

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