Proud captain, Wiliam Altamirano, cheers on his teammates at the annual Cavalier Wrestling scrimmage.
Proud captain, Wiliam Altamirano, cheers on his teammates at the annual Cavalier Wrestling scrimmage.
Gaby Blanco

From Amateur Wrestler to Captain, William Altamirano Leads his Crew

Recalling his first time on the mat, Altamirano looks back with fondness as he prepares for his last

In the world of athletic altitude, many who walk the halls of Coral Gables Senior High find their place among friends and in their studies. For senior Wiliam Altamirano, nothing feels more like home than spending some time on the mat.

Coming from a wrestler father, Altamirano was introduced to the world of bouts and cradles in his early childhood. Always paying extra attention to his father’s stories about his time on the mat, he grew admiration not just for his dad but for the sport itself. Spending his formative years hoping to one day follow in his footsteps; entering Gables, he decided to try out the combat sport during his sophomore year.

Facing his longtime friend at the Wrestling Scrimmage, Altamirano fought with determination and pride, securing another victory. (Courtesy of Altamirano)

“He actually told me about his wrestling background when he told me a story about an altercation that he got into with a drunk guy. He told me that his wrestling skills helped him defend himself. So since I heard that story I wanted to do it, mainly to learn self-defense,” senior Altamirano said.

During the wrestling preseason, Altamirano was approached by Coach Hardy in his Physical Education class about giving wrestling a chance. With his father in mind and the prospect of joining a team that made him feel inspired, he and Coach Hardy shook hands.

After joining the team, Altamirano not only grew his wrestling abilities, but he grew a bond with his newfound team, a bond he feels has taken him to where he is today. Always acting as a team player, he learned to focus on positive rivalries and on supporting his teammates to create a better environment not just for himself, but for the team.

“I never forget that we’re all teammates, a win, even if it’s not my own, is a win for the Cavalier Wrestling family. Our relationship is all love, so at the end of the day there should never be any hard feelings,” senior Altamirano said.

As Altamirano grew from a newbie to a mentor, it was no surprise the title of Cavalier Wrestling Co-Captain was his. Along with his upperclassman teammates, Diego Imbert, Angel Obando, Abner Fuentes and Levon Johnson, he works to preserve and better his team. Focusing on fostering growth by sharing feedback and holding practice matches, he makes sure there is always room to push his teammates toward greatness.

“My relationship with William I would say is strong. He’s very much involved in the team, always making everyone laugh. <y favorite thing about Willy is his smile. He carries so much joy with it and he’s an awesome guy. He’s also an amazing wrestler; his wrestling style is very smart and there’s always things to learn from him,” senior Abner Fuentes said.

At the annual Wrestling Banquet, Altamirano stands alongside his teammates as their achievements are honored. (Courtesy of Altamirano)

His proudest moment continues to be his match against G. Holdmes Braddock Senior High school, the qualifying match that got him to regionals during the 2022-2023 school year.

“I felt really nervous going into the match because I knew that if I lost my season would be over. But after the whistle blew all the butterflies disappeared. I used double undercooks to take the guy down and pin him. After I won, I just felt so relieved and so happy for what was to come,” senior Wiliam Altamirano said.

The wrestling team continues to work to perfect their techniques with extra practices and scrimmages, with Altamirano at its forefront. After a memorable three years on the team, he and his teammates prepare to take on the 2023-2024 season with even more discipline and dedication than before. As the athlete readiest himself for his future, he looks to the horizon with excitement, hoping to attend the University of Florida and pursue medicine.

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