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Welcoming With Opens Arms, Ms. Silveira Joins Catharsis

Through poetry visuals and writing, this teacher begins her embarkment in her second home
Selena Feal
Welcoming Ms. Silveria with open arms to CAF&DM, she’s holding the latest catharsis book, “Vitality”.

With the new school year starting, a new era dawns on the pages of Catharsis. Serving as a canvas for the creative minds that wander within the halls, students gather not merely to engage in activity, but to breathe life into the forthcoming volumes produced. However, change is in the air with the departure of Mr. Rodriguez, the previous advisor, who had nurtured the publication for the past two years. Now welcoming with open arms the new advisor, Ms. Silveira.

Having taught English 2 for the past two years, Ms. Silveira has additionally brought a wealth of experience to the Cavaliers. Her journey in education began with a decade-long term at Florida International University where she served as an administrative assistant before discovering her true passion for teaching as an English teacher at Robert Morgan Educational Center. Now, as a part of the Cavalier family, she has embraced the role of guiding students not only in English but also in the realm of creative writing, leading her to help the student body create all forms of art.

“I always enjoyed writing and such things. There came a point when I wanted to become a writer. So, I was really excited. I’d always wanted to teach creative writing, and I got the chance to do that. Working with Catharsis, I’m examining past errors, viewing each word’s significance and even reviewing edits made by previous editors. I have also started looking at our past progress to minimize the need for corrections. I’m truly thrilled, thinking about where this can lead us. I’m confident that it will guide the staff toward various career paths. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve this year,” Ms. Silveria said.

Appearing at the annual Communication Arts, Film and Digital Media Banquet, Mrs. Silveira was invited as an honored guest to meet her future staff and get a feel of all the publication’s success over the year. She also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Rodriguez and see the dynamic he had with his staff. Getting filled with inspiration, Mrs. Silveira took a moment to give a speech and later have conversations with her future writers.

“I’m thrilled about our new sponsor, Ms. Silveira, for the Catharsis/Creative writing part of CAF&DM. She’s open to learning our ways, and I’m excited to guide her. Change is inevitable, and I welcome it for our growth. Past advisor switches made us more self-sufficient, trusting my returning team, I’ll let them work their way. New writers will learn from editors, and layout artists will be taught by new layout editors. Though I don’t know Ms. Silveira well yet, she’s eager to join us and learn,” senior Sarmiento-Mena said.


Upon stepping down from Catharsis, Mr. Rodriguez has continued to contribute to a thriving environment at Coral Gables Senior High and dedicates himself to filmmaking endeavors for the International Baccalaureate Film Program. His decision to prioritize the film program was marked by mixed emotions, acknowledging the loss of his role as an advisor, yet driven by a commitment to its growth, knowing that the literary magazine’s future is in good hands. 

“Leaving Catharsis was a little bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me. I understood that it was leaving behind something that I enjoyed doing and also letting go of my incredible staff to move forward with their next volume. I also knew that I wanted to put as much effort and time into building the film program. It was one of those difficult decisions that I had to make. However, I know that Catharsis has been left in excellent hands. I’m excited to see where Ms. Silveria takes Catharsis,” Mr. Rodriguez said

While this marks her inaugural year with Catharsis, Ms. Silveira is fully committed to steering the ship in the right direction with her dedication. The upcoming volume 15 of Catharsis is scheduled for release around the end of the school year. With that, Gables extends a heartfelt welcome to the new advisor, anticipating an exciting journey ahead.

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