Coach Watkins

The girl’s golf team after taking a swing at GMAC’s.

Albany Muria, Editor

On Oct. 8, the Gables golf team took a successful swing at the Great Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC). Although the girls  finished in third place with 402 points, the only male qualifier, Tomas Nieves, achieved 76 points.

Individually, in the girls’ team, Marisa Urutia was able to accumulate 90 points. Although the girls got third place, they were pretty close to the teams from Coral Reef and Palmetto.

“Although I didn’t play well in GMAC, I enjoyed it. The guys I played with were fun, so that made it worth the while,” Nieves said.

Nieves, the only male player from Gables, accumulated 76 points. He did the best out of the boys who competed without a team from other schools. His determination and consistency led him to do his best at the match.

Although GMACs were tough, both teams were able to demonstrate their hard work and persistence by trying their best.