Learning the Law


Albany Muria

Gables students at the law firm of Bilzin Sumberg learning the key points to different parts of being an attorney.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

On Wednesday April 2, 2014 Mr. Garcia’s law studies 1 students had the privilege of visiting a prestigious law firm in Brickell known as Bilzin Sumberg. Then, on April 3rd, the students got a chance to learn from the students of the UM Law program. This experience allowed the students to learn- hands on.

Day 1- Bilzin Sumberg Law Firm

With the intention of expanding the student’s knowledge of law, this partnership with Bilzin Sumberg came about 6 years ago. The attorneys and other staff from Bilzin Sumberg, volunteered  to spend time and teach Gables Students, helping them learn from their experiences as lawyers and staff from the law firm.

Students of all grade levels got to see firsthand,  what lawyers  to on a daily basis. The class of about 56 got divided into 3 teams. Within a rotational system, each team would visit 2  out of 3 of the activities available. These activities included: a mock trial about Cyber bullying first amendment, negotiating real estate contracts, and litigating a case.

The attorneys at the law firm were able to teach us and guide us through the steps of law. Each activity for the groups of students had a real life connection to it.

“I think the students did a great job. I saw a lot of teamwork and professionalism. I also saw the students learn the key concepts of real estate contract and at the same time the students were engaged and enjoyed their time at the firm.” Attorney of Litigation at Bilzin Sumberg Anthony Narulo said.

“I feel the field trip to Bilzin Sumberg was an amazing experience. I learned that a law firm consists of both attorneys and other staff that work together as a team.” freshman Ilsa Rosales said.

Day 2- UM Law Program

The students traveled to where the University of Miami Law Program was located. The day was filled with active listeners and an various questions about the UM Law Program. The students were even recieved a tour of UM. 

The students were then given a small session on criminal law. After learning the material, the class was divided into 8 groups, which then had to solve a crime scene, much similar to the game Clue. The day ended with pizza, and thank yous to all of the lawyers for.

Two days full of learning experiences and future expectations of a career in the law field will be remembered by Mr. Garcia’s very dearly. The amazing opportunity the law firm BilZin Sumberg and the UM Law Program was really generous and since this is an annual event, students from this year hope to be able to attend this opportunity next year as well.