Superintendent’s Visit


Albany Muria

Students partake in the annual meeting with the Superintendent.

Albany Muria, Editor

On Feb. 12, the annual  Student’s Outreach meeting with Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Superintendent Alberto Carvalho took place at Ronald Reagan High School. Students from schools all over Miami-Dade County attended this very special event.

“Seeing one of the girls from my Posse covering the event for her high school’s newspaper and reuniting with one of my best friends from elementary was pretty great. It was great to know that they’re also as involved and dedicated to their school as I am. Overall, the morning was intense for Carvalho as he was to answer whatever question came his way but without hesitation had an answer each time,” senior Valerie Montesino.

Prior to the arrival of the superintendent, students were served with delicious delights provided by the high school’s culinary program. Upon his arrival, Carvalho introduced himself and gave a speech about his persistence throughout his journey into coming to the United States. He encouraged all students to go after their dreams no matter what obstacles come in their way.

“The food was incredibly fire. Carvalho is a pretty good public speaker, so it was interesting watching him field the questions, but the highlight of the morning was most definitely the hashbrown casserole,” senior Teague Scanlon.

Carvalho then led the Question and Answer portion of the meeting. In order to ask a question, students had to answer the question of what they would like others to say about themselves 40 years from now. Students asked anything ranging from the new EOC requirements to school funding.

“It was a very interesting experience to hear what the superintendent had to personally say about our county.”

— junior Grace Howie

Closing remarks were given by the high school’s Student Government President, who gave a great thank you to Carvalho for taking his time to be there and inspire the students to strive for their goals.