Journey to the Unknown


Alexis Clay

Clay and some of her half siblings may live in different states but each year they reunite to be closer than ever.

Albany Muria , Staff Writer

Alexis Clay, a freshman in the IB Program, is more than just a talented runner and an avidly dedicated student; she has 20 half-siblings! No typo was made here; her and her 20 siblings all  come from the same male donor. In despite of all having similar interests, they meet up once a year to get to know each other more and be there for each other.

Donor Sibling Registry is an online website provided for kids to find their siblings through their donor number. Each anonymous donor has a number from which they are identified. Alexis and her 20 siblings were able to find each other this way and communicate with each of the mothers.

“I input my donor number 5114 and the website matched me to my 19 other half siblings, and there are most likely more siblings that we just haven’t found yet,” Clay said.

Two years ago Clay had the opportunity to meet with some of her half siblings for the first time in New Mexico. During the visit, a documentary called Kids of 5114, a story about the half siblings was made and posted on YouTube and Vimeo. This served as a bonding activity and provided them the chance to get to know and be there for each other.

“I only get to see my half siblings once a year, which is definitely not enough time because I miss them,” Clay said.

Clay and some of her half siblings have similarities  such physical attributes and other common interests in hobbies, sports, etc. They all share common interests in sports such as track, field and soccer, as well as some of them like to sing with a passion for art.

Imagine walking down the street and thinking any male you see could be your father. The hardest part for Clay is not knowing who her biological father is, but she considers this more like an adventure with her half siblings.

Besides having an intriguing story, Clay is also an extraordinary Cavalier. She participates in various clubs such as IBHS and Art Club. She is also runner for the school’s cross country and track & field team. Aside from being an involved student, she also takes importance and dedication to her academic work. Outside of school, Clay enjoys painting, singing, and plays for a club soccer team.

As you can see Clay isn’t the typical student you would see waling down the hallways of Coral Gables High School. Besides her excellent academic and sports recognition, she has 20 siblings, who along her, will go through it together and go into the same journey into finding the unknown.