Greg Terp, Police Law Enforcement Officer


Albany Muria

Greg Terp answering questions from students interested in the criminal justice field.

Albany Muria, Editor

Greg Terp, a retired police law enforcement officer, worked for the Miami-Dade Police Department for over 35 years, primarily a part of the tactical team.  Throughout his career, he has worked anything from the K9 Unit to managing security at the Super Bowl. A University of Miami (UM) and Gables alumnus, he currently works as the Security Director for the Marlins.

“I am so glad we got the opportunity to hear from a former officer. He gave great advice to those of us who wanted to pursue a career in the law enforcement world,” senior Daniel Regalado said.

During the Pro Chat, Terp gave a few tips for those who are considering going into the criminal justice field when they’re older. He showed the key elements to keep in mind: PERSEC standing for Personal Security involved the 3 rules to live by: Personal Security, Situational Awareness, People Skills. He explains how analyzing is the most crucial element that goes with these 3 rules.  One must always be aware of our surroundings. In order to successfully carry out a career in law enforcement, one must be familiar with people skills; it is the best way to get information and get the facts from a different point of view.

“It was fascinating to hear what Mr. Terp had to say about his experience with criminal justice and what it takes to work with law enforcement,” junior Jordan Payne said.

As far as those who are interested in a career in the law enforcement field, Terp advises them to invest time in becoming aware of what is going on in the community. This can be by simply reading the newspaper or watching the news.