FBLA Awards Ceremony

From grades 9-12, these students represent Coral Gables High School for the program of FBLA.

Ray Gonzalez

From grades 9-12, these students represent Coral Gables High School for the program of FBLA.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

On January 22, 2014, the long anticipated awards ceremony for District 26 Future Business Leaders of America was held. The award ceremony took place at the South Dade High School Auditoruim.Filled with about 7 different highschools and a several middle schools, the event lasted for about 4 hours waiting to receive their awards. All the seats were occupied by crowds of cheering students. The introduction of the new officers, a talent show, and of course, the awards were the highlights of the morning.

The ceremony began with the introduction by the 2013- 2014 District 26 Officers. Continuing the introduction, came the Presentation of Colors by South Dade’s very own J.R.O.T.C. The crowd stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, which was beautifully performed. The warm welcome was given by South Dade’s Assistant Principal, Mrs. Selene Gomez.

An hour into the ceremony, came along the District Officer Speeches. CGHS had 3 candidates running for office: Joseph Villafane for Treasurer, Marcos Balsera for President, and Julio Membreno for Vice President. After the candidates gave their inspiring speeches, a certain number of voting delegates from each high school was to choose the winners. The winners were to be announced at the end of the ceremony. Once the election outcome was revealed, Julio Membreno was announced Vice President of District 26 FBLA.

The morning was also filled with an artistic atmosphere. Students from any high school were able to participate in the talent show. The talent show included students who could sing, dance, and were amazing with instruments.

Sophomore Harleen Chawla from Gables performed Stay by Rihanna; her singing took everyone’s breath away. A student band also performed, leaving many captivated by their spectacular sound.

“It was an event that helped motivate students- especially new members to stay involved in the FBLA club- and it helps students to develop their talents through the talent show. I love above all, the spirit that our school portrayed,” sophomore Marisel Lavizzari.

To finish off the ceremony, the long awaited awards were presented and  2-4 place awards were it given out per category. The categories included anything from presentations to improv speeches to even computer test taking. There were 64 categories students could have participated in. Students from CGHS took over 14 first places out of all 64 categories, and 50 placed either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place.It was evident that all the students took their time and effort to make sure they all came out as winners. Even they got a place or not, they were all winner.

“I really was not expecting to win first place in my category of Introduction to Business Communications. I’m extremely excited to go to states!” said freshman Maria Ordonez.

A morning surrounded by a cheering crowd full of students and teachers, and an amazing variety of artistic talents, was definitely an out of the ordinary experience. We look forward to see success at the State Competitions.