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The 48th Annual Gablette Revue Celebrates Gablette Achievement

Ms. Diaz was brought onstage to bow with the Gablettes as the 48th annual Gablette Revue show ended.

Cheers of excitement were heard echoing through the auditorium as the annual Gablette Revue began. On April 11, Gablettes, students and parents piled into the auditorium to watch the memorable night. Dancers from Ms. Diaz’s dance elective and special performers joined the Gablettes to make the night unforgettable.

Dancers who performed in the show rehearsed the routines countless times and practiced both on stage and in the dance room. Students and teachers dedicated to controlling the lights ran through the show with the dancers to ensure a flawless performance. Ms. Diaz oversaw each dance and made changes to perfect them. As the showtime approached, friends and families of the dancers formed lines outside the auditorium.

“Gablettes Revue was an exciting experience. It was an opportunity for the electives and Gablettes to put together an enjoyable show for people to watch. At the same time, it’s sad because we are parting from the senior Gablettes who have been at this school and part of the team for a while, but definitely memorable,” freshman Stella Gonzalez said.

Gablettes opened the show with an elegant jazz dance to “I’m Still Standing.” (CavsTV)

The show began at 7:00 p.m. and the Gablettes opened the show performing “I’m Still Standing.” Cheers filled the room as the Gablettes’ dance excited the crowd. The catchy song blended with the jazz moves captivated the audience, an exhilarating way to start the show.

Switching the genre, dancers from Ms. Diaz’s period 4 elective performed an energetic hip-hop routine called “Jimmy Cooks.” The piece displayed the skills they learned throughout the school year through lively dance moves. The Gablettes’ hard work was demonstrated both in their routines and the elective dances they choreographed. After Gablettes performed more unique dances, another elective class, period 1, performed their hip-hop routine, dancing to a song called “Raise the Roof.” Gablettes ended Act 1 with a jazz routine to the song “Viva La Vida.”

“Gablette Revue is very bittersweet for many reasons. For one, it’s the very last show we do with the seniors, and as a freshman, those are the people that you look up to for inspiration and motivation. Secondly, the team becomes a family but the show signifies the ending of the team because the team will never have those same people on the team,” freshman Alexandra Costa said.

Ms. Diaz’s period 6 elective performed a lively routine to “Skrilla” alongside Gablettes Kayleigh Mellgren and Tamya Wallace.

After the first Act finished, there was a ten-minute intermission, which allowed dancers to take a break to prepare for the second Act. Outside the auditorium, the crowd had an opportunity to buy food and drinks without missing the show. A wide selection of snacks was sold and all funds supported the Gablettes.

Parents of the Gablettes then impressed the audience with an entertaining dance, demonstrating where their daughters inherited their skills. Dancing to “The Next Episode,” the heartwarming scene gained approval from the crowd as cheers could be heard echoing through the auditorium.

“This year’s Gablette Revue was my favorite compared to those of the past years. I’m always proud of how the Gablettes perform and am sad to see the seniors go,” Ms Diaz said.

Junior officers Jaylene Hernandez and Kayleigh Mellgren introduced the senior members of the team. Seniors then performed their last dance together. The breathtaking dance symbolized their departure from Gables and more importantly, from each other. The kick piece showcased the seniors’ years of hard work unified as a team. Each emotion expressed by the dancers throughout the dance, a blend of sadness and beauty, evoked emotions in the audience.

The yearly Gablette Revue never fails to impress the crowd, displaying the hard work and dedication both Gablettes and dancers have throughout the year. The variety of dance styles performed by the dancers blew away the audience and amazed them with the skills they learned during the year.

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