A Memorable Night: Gablette Revue 2023



Gablettes wow the crowd as they show off their student choreography dances. Both the dancers and their audience enjoyed two nights of shows with amazing artistic expression.

Applauses can be heard throughout all corners of the auditorium as the Gablettes hosted their annual Gablette Revue. On April 19 and 20, students, parents and community members were eager to support the dancers and take on an evening of entertainment. The Gablettes are a big part of the school, with their signature checkered uniforms that are known and loved by all Cavaliers.

The performers, who represented a variety of genres, from hip-hop to contemporary and lyrical styles, included both seasoned dancers and up-and-coming talent. Anyone was welcome to attend the event as long as they previously bought a ticket from a Gablette or purchased one at the auditorium’s doors. On both nights, a multitude of supporters filled the auditorium lobby, ready to head to their seats and enjoy the show.

Beginning at 7 p.m. sharp, the Gablettes opened the event with a dynamic routine to the song “Somebody To Love” by Queen. The Gablettes sported their matching suits, accompanying the song, presenting both audible and visual elements forwards. The high energy of the dance had the crowd craving more. A special appearance was made that night, as Ms. Diaz’s elective class showcased their dance, named “Good Form”. The dance elective classes had energy-packed routines that showcased the skills they had learned throughout the year.

Gablettes performed an energetic dance during the show, with eye-high kicks. (CavsTV)

“The Gablettes’ beautiful movements and specific choreography left me in awe and definitely made me gain more respect for the dancers. I was taken aback by the enjoyable performances they put on,” sophomore Hayli Perez said.

Not only taking inspiration from their advisor, Gablettes showed their confidence and talent through self-choreographed dances. The seniors started the performance off with their dance titled “I Was Here”. The contemporary dance was a slow-moving, emotional piece that added some diversity after the powerful last dances.

Bringing the tempo back up, the juniors came out with their fun “MJ Remix” piece. The remix was a blend of Michael Jackson’s most iconic songs, accompanied by some of his iconic moves. Lastly, the underclassmen Gablettes executed their “Maniac” jazz dance, named after the well-known song by Micheal Sembello in 1983. The underclassmen interpreted the song with their sharp movements hitting every beat in the piece.  The crowd’s cheers proved their love and admiration towards the Gablette’s artistic abilities in the student choreography pieces. 

“I helped in choreographing two routines. The first being “Maniac”. This dance was performed and choreographed by the underclassmen Gablettes. It was honestly an amazing feeling to be able to showcase our own routines at the show,” sophomore Kayleigh Mellgren said.

On stage, the seniors enjoyed one last dance with their fellow classmates before graduation. (CavsTV)

Not only did the curtains open for the Gablettes themselves, appearances from guest dancers, the cheerleading squad and even contenders from the Mr. Coral Gables competition were welcomed. A few guest dancers from other schools came to stage, including M.A. Milam K-8 Center’s dance team. The girls did a hip-hop performance to a Spanish song, “Que Calor,” that had the crowd applauding at their skills.

To complement the dancers, the cheer team brought their A-game with high-flying stunts and upbeat choreography. They danced to a classic cheer music mix that had the crowd on their toes with the peppy beat of the music. Performing their opening dance from their iconic show at the Gablette Revue, the Mr. Coral Gables contestants sparked the memory of everyone that went to their event.

After the dancer’s four year hiatus, 2023 marks the second year of the Gablette Revue. Preparation for the event was beyond extensive, with all the acts going through weeks of training taking place every day to get all the dances perfect for the two-day show.

“As a team we prepared by practicing in the auditorium, fixing formations and constantly working on stunts until we all hit. I’ve been up on stage before to perform multiple routines so for me I wasn’t as nervous on stage, I felt excited to show the school our skills and our improvement as cheerleaders this season,” junior Julianna Guzman said.

Over the duration of the two-day event, the artists wowed the audience with incredible performances and impressive synchronization, keeping everyone on their toes. The jaw-dropping performance was a real testament to the artists’ dedication and perseverance, training in endless hours of practices to put the art of dancing on display.

“We prepared for Gablette Revue over the last month or so. We have had practice everyday after school and the Monday before we had a dress rehearsal where everyone in the show including cheerleaders, elective classes and guest dancers ran through it on stage with lights, music and costumes,” sophomore Kayleigh Mellgren said.

The audience was enthralled by the performers’ vigor and passion from the minute the curtains opened. Recognized for their accuracy and athleticism, the Gablettes dazzled the audience with their traditional dance routines and complex formations. The passionate acclamations from the audience made evident that their attempts had been rewarding.