Gablettes Dance the Night Away

Gablettes Dance the Night Away

Sara Zamora, Photographer

April 24, 2018

Dancing Queens: Gablette Revue Comes to Gables

Gables' Bhangra team also performed at the Gablette Revue.

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer

April 21, 2018

The annual Gablette Revue Show finally arrived at the Coral Gables stage on Apr. 19 in the auditorium. The show gives the team the opportunity to showcase the hard work it puts in every day to create a solid Coral Gables brand. The Gablettes performed a variety of pieces, all of which bore creative...

Annual Gablette Revue 2017

Annual Gablette Revue 2017

Sara Zamora and Sara Saliamonas

April 26, 2017

The Gablettes' annual spring showcase, Gablette's Revue, was the perfect end to their dance season. The show kicked off with the seniors dancing to a medley of songs from the Cheetah Girls. The audience went wild as students were able to reminisce their childhood and their favorite movies with this timeless soundtrack. "It was really fun watching the seniors perform their last dances. We worked really hard the past couple months and I think we put on a great show," junior Savannah Payne said. The show continued with performances from the juniors, sophomores, officers, and freshmen. Mixed in were special guest performances from various dance classes. The dance classes spent weeks practicing their performances in class and their hard work definit...

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