A Night to Remember: Gablette Revue


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Celebration fills the room as the Gablettes end off the year with their annual Gablette Revue, which consisted of performances from the dance team and Ms. Diaz’s dance classes.

Danny Cen and Anthony Russo

Celebration fills the room as the Gablettes end off the year with their annual Gablette Revue, which consisted of performances from varying dance classes.

Following a four-year hiatus, the Gablette Revue has returned with 24 dances to cap off another year of Gablette excellence. Not long after winning nationals for junior varsity kick and varsity events, the Coral Gables Senior High dance team performed many of their dances alongside Ms. Diaz’s dance elective students on Apr. 20 and Apr. 21.

Starting at 7:00 p.m., act one began with Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. Performed by the Gablettes, the opening piece displayed a graceful dance that grew in energy as the song progressed. “Step Up” followed and energized the crowd with a quick-tempo choreography.

The underclassmen Gablettes had their chance to shine with a piece to “Clarity”, illustrating the youth and excitement of the underclassmen as they encapsulated the crowd. They were then followed by the first solo of the night, which was performed by Paulina Texier to the song of “Rain on Me”. Being a senior, this performance marks her final solo piece as a four-year Gablette.

It didn’t hit me that I was done with the one thing that had become my life for the past 4 years until curtain call when I took my final bow with the seniors and realized I wouldn’t ever wear my checkers again,

— senior Paulina Texier

“Play at Your Own Risk” was next and was performed by the parents of the Gablettes, who garnered loud applause despite their slight inexperience. The first act was then closed off by the Gablettes with “Where the Streets Have No Name”, rounding out the first half of the revue.

The second act unfolded as the curtains pulled back to reveal a dance to “Throwin it Back” by the Gablettes, which featured hip-hop-style moves and included a more trendy element that separated itself from the rest of the more classic techniques.

Following up was “No Ordinary”, which is one of the staples for a showcase of the skills within the Gablettes. In “Payback” and “Uproar” the Elective Level Two showed off their hard work and skills with exhilarating songs to get the crowd going. The second solo of the night, “For Mama and Baba”, was carried out by senior Jana Faour who captured the intricacies of the song to near perfection. At the end of her dance, Faour was promposed to by her boyfriend, senior Jose Fernandez.

Aside from the Gablettes and other dance classes performing, act two included the return of the Mr. Coral Gables contestants with a performance of their signature dance of a mix of boy band songs. Catching the crowd by surprise, seniors filled the stage and auditorium in “High School Musical” style to engulf the crowd with a sense of community.

In honor of the revue being the last performance from the Gablettes for the year, the Gablette seniors were called onto the stage and celebrated for their efforts on the team. The team all gathered for the finale in their signature outfit for the last dance of the showcase.

“The Revue was nothing short of greatness. I was blown away by all the types of dances and little bits of comedic dances in the show,” senior Julian Mesa said.

The Gablette Revue not only demonstrated the skills of the Gablettes and other dance classes, but also made an effort to highlight what it means to be a Cavalier. In a tearjerker of performances, the final showcase from the national champions will remain as one of the fondest memories of the 2021-2022 school year.