It’s Time for School!


Doing a few tasks the night before can help you save about 15 minutes every morning.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

Find yourself rushing every morning before school? No worries, almost every high school student goes through this on a daily basis. Waking up at 5 A.M isn’t as easy as it seems; many of us like to sleep in an extra 10 minutes. So, follow these steps to save time in the morning before heading off to school.

Showering in the Morning: Apart from waking up and getting dressed, showering in the morning can also take a lot of time (especially when very wet hair can take hours to dry!). Instead, try showering the night before and, that way, you go to sleep and wake up all nice and clean.

“Showering at night allows me to wake up with frizz-free hair, and not have to spend time blow drying it in the morning,” says junior, Dylan York.

Legs for Days: Shaving your legs and other areas of your body in the morning while you rush can not only delay your arrival to school, but can also be extremely dangerous! As a girl, try to find some other time to fit in this shaving, but if you are a guy, don’t hesitate to shave that beard before bed.

Prepare your Lunch at Night: Lunch preparation can only take 15 minutes; so in order to save time in the morning, try to get this done at night. Have your juice and all containers at hand, so that you can grab everything and leave your house in no time.

“I always prepare my lunch at night; it saves me so much time I can spend doing something more productive,” freshman, Gianella Rojas says.

Backpackin’: Pack your book bag at night as well. This will decrease the chances of forgetting any assignments that are still on your desk in the morning. Once you have done this, you can place your bookbag near the door, making it more accessible when you are heading out of your house and on your way to school.

“I usually put my backpack next to my bed at night, so that it is easy to reach at all times and I won’t have to go around my room trying to find it,” freshman, Mikaela Mera says.

Pick out your Clothes:  Let’s be honest, it takes some of us hours to decide which combination of shirts and pants we will wear to school. Choosing your clothing the night before saves you at least 10 minutes in the morning.

Waking up extra early for school isn’t easy for everyone. Unfortunately, teenagers have to go through the hardship of waking up to the sound of their alarms every morning, leaving barely enough time to get ready for school. However, by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to save time in the morning and get to school on time.