9 Ideas for an Endless Summer


Jason Perez

This summer don’t be afraid to explore and find new interests in places you have never been to before.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

Every student hopes that when the calendar hits the last day of school, the long awaited days will be better than the ones from the previous year. Many have plans to travel abroad and explore the different landmarks the world has to offer while others simply decide to make the best out of their summers from their own bedroom.

Bonfire at the Beach: One thing Miami is really famous for is its clear blue beaches. There would be nothing better than roasting marshmallows and singing the campfire songs. Gather 10-15 of your closest friends and have each of them bring a treat to the campfire. You’ll have a night filled with many memories to be told about later.

Movie Night: Gather your favorite horror or romantic movies, tons of junk food, and 5 of your closest gals! Have chit chats about your crushes and other life experiences. This can apply to guys too, but instead of movies, you can have a video game marathon.

 Volunteer! If you are just sitting in your bed all summer and have nothing “productive” to do, you have the option to go out and volunteer in your community. Not only would you get service hours, but you get a whole sense of what it really means to help out your community.

Get Fit! Even though it is a little late to get that beach body, you can never stop exercising. You have the chance to tone your butt or legs! Make a neighborhood running group; you all go to the nearest park or simply go run around the block together.

Become a Soccer Fan: One of the most awaited for events every summer is the FIFA World Cup 2014.There are still plenty of more games left to watch. Spend time with your friends and family, and represent your country!

Travel Abroad: This summer take the time to travel around the world. Go explore what the world has to offer, even if it’s just as close as Orlando.

Have a Date with Netflix: When all goes wrong, don’t forget that Netflix will always be there for you when you need it. Catch up the lastest TV shows and the romantic chick flicks. Whatever you want, Netflix has it all.

Beauty Sleep:  Waking up at 5:30 A.M every morning for 10 months straight wasn’t easy, so use the 2 months of summer to catch up on your beauty sleep! This way no one will have to tell you that those dark circles aren’t looking cute on the first day of school.

Whether you decide to sleep all of summer or go travel around the world, make sure to make the best of it. Don’t forget to do your summer reading, and have a blast!