Swimsuits for your Body Type


Sabryna Gonzalez

Next time you go shopping for swimsuits, choose one that complements your body type!

Albany Muria, Editor

It’s summer, the season where all of us in Miami are spending most of our day at the beach or in the pool. For that reason, most of us try to buy swimsuits that flatter our body types the best. These are a few tips to help you pick out your next swimsuit.

Choose your body type:

Pear Shape: In this case your bottom half is wider than your top. If you have a wider bottom, it is time to embrace those curves! If you want to accentuate your hips and thighs, then go for solid colors bottom, and stay way from bold prints that say “hey look at me!”. Save the crazy patterns for the top.

“I’m not really sure what body shape I have, I consider it to be a human one. I just wear all kinds of swim suits,” sophomore Jasmin Valverde said.

Athletic Shape: Hours at the gym and playing three sports really paid off. This body shape consists of broad shoulders, narrow hips, and muscular legs. To show off your toned legs, look for bottoms that have a bold print, it will focus the eye on your lower area. To make your broad shoulders less noticeable, go for a plain bandeau.

Curvalicious: With no doubt, you have an hourglass figure. Almost every swimsuit style complements your body. Going for a solid or not-too-crazy print can avoid distorting your proportions.

“I usually go for swimsuits that have cute patterns yet that aren’t too crazy. I feel that these patterns complement my figure,” sophomore Sabryna Gonzalez said.

Straight Shape: This body shape includes very few curves. Gladly, you have nothing to hide and there’s nothing wrong with faking some curves. Enhance both your upper and lower body areas with ruffles and strings.

We all have different body types, and there are tons of swimsuits made for each of them. We all contemplate whether or not the newest swimsuit we bought flatters our body type. No need to worry, the tips you just read are sure to lead you into buying the perfect swimsuit for your figure.