The Secret to Straight A’s


Albany Muria

With great work and dedication, you can find yourself getting good grades in no time!

Albany Muria , Staff Writer

We all have that dream of being able to achieve straight A’s at least once in our lifetime. Even if you have not yet reached that 3.50 that determines the grade of an A in each class, with these tips you can strive to do your best and most definitely achieve it in no time.

  •  Motivation: Find out why you want to get straight A’s. It can be because you want to compete against yourself and do your very best, or maybe you want to get into one of the top colleges in the country. Just remember to carry out this motivation all throughout your high school career! Motivation is known as the one of the most important factors that lead to success in life, and with just a little motivation to do better in school, your grades are guaranteed to improve.

“I personally like to get straight A’s for myself, and it is better because I have no pressure to do so; in the end I know I did my best and it’ll pay off,” freshman Amy Ransom said.

  • Pay Attention in Class: This step doesn’t take much effort, it just requires you to show up to class and pay attention to your teacher. By all means paying attention in class will help you understand the material better, and will increase your chances of acing your tests and quizzes. Rather than day dreaming or counting the minutes until lunch time, focus on the material in class, take time to learn the lesson and time will go by a lot faster.
  • Prioritize! Especially when you have so much on your plate, it is crucial to prioritize. Prioritizing allows you to decide what needs to be done first and what can wait. Divide your assignments depending on which classes you are struggling with, perhaps try to do those first, that way you are certain to finish them and soak in all the information ahead of time. This also means to put away those cell phones, and eliminate yourself from all forms of social media!
  • Homework: The homework students complain so much about make up a huge portion of their grade. That’s why it is demanding to complete your homework in time and to put in your best effort. This goes especially to those who are not the best test takers. Think of it this way, your homework can be the deciding factor for whether you will end up with a C in a class or an A.
  • Be Organized: A planner will be your best friend. Planners or reminders are a grey and simple way to keep yourself mentally organized. Organization helps you keep your priorities straight, and also helps you with staying up to date with your homework. Make sure you have a planner where you can write in all your assignments. A great tip is to color coordinate each class, that way it is easier to find due dates for each class and more exciting to look at. Aside from that, having a well-organized binder with dividers will prevent you from losing an important handout in the future. Lastly, always and always be prepared for class. Have the proper materials for each class and don’t be that kid that is constantly asking for paper.
  • Take Notes! Notes play a huge role in your understanding of the class. Good notes often lead to good grades since you are able to understand the material. When writing your notes, make sure you focus on the key points/information, this will allow you to study only what is important. Be an active listener when a teacher is doing lectures or presentations; everything they say is important and they are saying it for a reason, so it may be a good idea to jot it down. Make sure your notes are also legible, you don’t want to go home later to find that you can’t read your own handwriting. If you get bored easily with black ink everywhere; use highlighters and colorful pens to make your notes more interesting to read.
  • Study Wisely: You will first need to find a place where you can study away from distractions. Once you have your location set, find your best learning style. Your learning style can vary from visual learning to auditory learning, then use this knowledge to your ability; you may find that creating concept maps helps you remember information best. Don’t stay up all night studying for a test that is the next day, instead study 2-3 days before. Study anywhere and everywhere you can; this will give you more time to study if you have a busy schedule.
  • Manage Your Time: Perhaps you have a busy weekend ahead of you, Fridays is the ideal day to do your homework. You will get it over with and won’t have to sacrifice your Sunday trying to finish all your assignments. Set your own deadlines; this will help you turn in assignments on time.

“It is important to ration your time. You can’t spend an hour and a half studying on a test, when studying just an hour will get you an A. You have to correctly pace yourself for each class, so that you don’t spend an extra minute where it isn’t required to get the grade,” senior Eddy Torgas said.

  • Sacrifice your Social Life: As sad as this may sound, sometimes it’s what it takes to do well in school. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you have to miss the party of the year. If it comes to finishing a project or hanging out with your friends, remember there will be other days to hang out with them, but you only get one day to turn in your project.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Even if you have a 4.0 in a class, do the extra credit your teacher gives out. You never know if you’ll need it in the future, and most teachers only give about 1 or 2 every nine weeks so take advantage of this opportunity.

Aspiring for straight A’s may not be so easy, but it is certainly not impossible. Challenge yourself and aim your to do your best. In the end, your hard work will pay off.