All the Single Ladies…. or Guys


Albany Muria

For all the single ladies and guys, don’t be afraid to try new things and see everything else the world has to offer because finding that perfect relationship isn’t always a top priority.

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

Single on Valentine’s Day? No worries; being single is nothing to be ashamed of. It is conspicuous that most girls wish to have that someone special by their side who’ll give them flowers and a huge teddy bear. However, it is perfectly fine to have those around us, such as our close friends and family, to show us love regardless of the day. As teens in our society, it is almost rare for a relationship to last more than 2 months and those that appear to be great relationships have no guarantee of lasting. For the time being, instead of crying about not having a boyfriend\girlfriend, enjoy what you have now, and enjoy life as it is.

  • Leave the Jealousy Behind! Let’s be honest, all of us wish for a Romeo and Juliet kind of love in our life, but in reality, relationships are nowhere near perfect. Many couples nowadays have little fights, busy lives, and aren’t together as much as they would like to be. Wishing for a fairytale fantasy is perfectly fine, but don’t get yourself into thinking that a boyfriend/girlfriend is a necessity because you want to be in a relationship like the ones you read about in books. Being in a relationship, should also not be at the top of someone’s priority list, instead, focus on improving your academics and involvement in school
  • Accept Yourself! Learn to accept the great qualities that make you unique. Embrace them. Once you feel confident about yourself and know all the amazing things that you are able to do, you will most likely feel less lonely and in less need of someone to realize those things about you. We’re all still trying to find ourselves so you might discover all sorts of qualities in yourself that you’ve never noticed before!
  • Try New Things! Engage yourself in extra curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and volunteer programs. Find your passion; search for something that you truly love to do. This allows you to do things that you enjoy and it even opens doors and opportunities to meet new friends and potentially find romance.

“In a guy’s case, guys should go to the gym, and taking your stress out on sports is really helpful. Try getting involved in many activities that you enjoy, it helps. Do not go on social media on Valentine’s Day, it will make you feel more lonely,” sophomore Marko Ciklovan said.

  • It’s All Me! Plan a day all to yourself. Go do your nails to match the latest trends. Have a spa day! All these activities will help you relax and get everything off your mind. As for guys, just have a day of playing video games and sports! Games will be your best friend.
  • GNO! A Girls/Guys Night Out is a must! Spend time with your friends! Have a day dedicated to just your girl and guy friends. They are the ones that will give you great advice and will be there for you when your time comes.

“You kind of have more freedom and get to spend time with your friends when you’re single. Also, you’re more self involved and can continue doing things that make you happy,” junior Massiel Andino said.

  • Family Matters! Your family will always be there for you. They are the ones that have been there since day one. Be glad you have them in your life. Try having some time apart from your schedule to make a few memories with your family. Have a full-blown family dinner or plan a  family movie night.

“Boys come and go, but your family is always there for you. Be happy that you have them. I would say spend time with them by planning a picnic or an outdoor activity,” freshman Alejandra Llauro said.

To all those single ladies or guys out there: don’t feel ashamed or intimidated, it’s absolutely normal! Try to accept the fact that your ideal guy/girl hasn’t come yet, so for now enjoy life and everything great it has to offer.