Surviving the Last Stretch

Albany Muria, Editor

Only a month and a half until the end of the school year and most of you are already in Summer-mode and have left your school mindset behind. But beware, AP and IB exams are quickly approaching! Therefore, it’s extremely important that you give it your best these next few weeks to end the year strong. Here are a few steps to end the year with a bang:

1. Get Back Into the Groove: After Spring Break, most of us want school to be over as soon as possible. Make sure to ease back into studying mode and bring it back into its strong standpoint. Getting back into your study habits will ensure that your grades stay how you desire them to.

2. Attend ALL Your Classes: As vacations start to come closer, missing a few days of school becomes the norm. But always keep in mind that if you’re an underclassman, the 10/20 rule carries over to the next year, so you may not be able to attend certain school events! Also, most of your teachers are not done covering important material necessary for your exams.

“Most teachers are now reviewing material that will be very helpful for exams. I think going to class and trying not to miss should be a priority even though we all want it to be over,” sophomore Tatiana Campos said

3. Spend Time with Friends: This one is mainly for seniors since most will be going to college in a few months. It’s important to make time for your friends, especially before you depart to your new schools. For underclassmen, make the most of your days in school because they fly by.

“Most of us won’t see most of our peers all in one location again. I’m appreciating my current friendships, but can’t wait to make new ones in college, which is what’s keeping me going,” senior Sabryna Gonzalez said

4. It’s not the End of the World: The most important tip to surviving the end of the school year is to leave the past behind. Now that exams are approaching, it’s crucial to keep in mind that no matter what happens, it is not the end of the world. Drama with friends? Everything will fall into place for the upcoming year! The same goes for your least favorite school subjects, try your best to finish the year strong and put it behind you once it’s over.