Eleonor Bauwens Runs Effortlessly


Valerie Bauwens

Bauwens sprints as fast as she can to the finish line to improve her personal record.

Albany Muria, Editor

Eleonor Bauwens, an IB senior and a varsity cross country runner, has many expectations for her last year at Gables. Whenever she isn’t finalizing her Extended Essay (EE) or filling out college applications, Bauwens can be found running around town or doing the warrior yoga pose.

Bauwens discovered her passion for running in the middle of her sophomore year when she read an article on runners that run 100-mile races. That same day, she began to run, and she’s continued since. Running was able to give her an escape from all of life’s worries.

“Running is my stress reliever,” Bauwens said.

The idea of joining the cross country team at Gables came to her during her junior year. Being a part of the team has given her the opportunity to find a support system for running.

“I never used to understand why people were so attached to their sports. I would hear people referring to their team as their second family and it was an alien concept to me. Cross country changed that,” Bauwens said

Bauwens believes the girls’ Cross Country team will advance to states this year. Each day, they practice for about two hours in the sun to train for their meets. It is no doubt that the girls will succeed no matter the results.

Aside from cross country, Bauwens has a passion for journalism. She is a member of Highlights and President of Quill and Scroll. She also enjoys doing yoga with friends in her free time.

Although it is Bauwens’ last year at Gables, she aspires to make it her best one yet.