Miami-Dade County Public Schools Receive Bomb Threat


Albany Muria, Editor

On Wednesday night,  Dec. 17, authorities in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) received bomb threats that were safely discredited by county officials. Cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and New York received similar threats earlier this week.

“It wasn’t scary since it wasn’t a credible threat but I didn’t see any police cars parked outside the school or any helicopters flying. Though that could’ve been because the threat wasn’t too worrisome,” junior Moira Meijaard said.

Emails sent to South Florida School Board members mentioned that bombs would be undisclosed in backpacks. After being sent to federal investigation, it was noted that the message was too general and had grammatical errors.

“The bomb threat didn’t do much to affect the school day routine, except make paranoid teachers slightly more paranoid about allowing students in the hallways without colorful pieces of paper,” senior Maya Iskandarani said.

Thursday morning, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho met with news reporters at the command center in downtown Miami school Head Quarters to clear out any fear instilled in South Florida’s students and parents. He encouraged everyone to continue with their daily routine and send students to school.

Although this bomb threat alarmed some parents, students in MDCPS were safely able to attend school and normally take part in their classes and activities.