New Horizon Spacecraft’s Successful Mission

This is the newest image of Pluto sent by NASAs New Horizon Spacecraft.

NASA via Associated Press

This is the newest image of Pluto sent by NASA’s New Horizon Spacecraft.

Albany Muria, Editor

After nine years of lauching the New Horizons space craft and traveling three billion miles, the space craft was finally able to send information to Earth on Monday, July 14.

NASA released the color image of Pluto, sent by the space craft. The public is now able to have a clear perspective on what the planet looks like. Three of Pluto’s moons, Charon, Nix and Hydra were also captured in up-close high resolution. Other information that was sent made it possible for scientists to identify some of the chemical makeup of Pluto’s surface.

On July 16, scientists hope to receive images 1o times the resolution of the ones previously received.

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