Bringing in the New School Year


Albany Muria

Look forward to who you want to be in the upcoming school year.

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer

This school year isn’t over yet and our minds are already set on summer, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2014-2015 year. When not cramming for May’s AP tests or daydreaming about beach plans, start figuring out how next year will play out, so that you can maximize the quality of your experience.

  • Future Freshmen: The rapid approach of high school can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not sure what to expect. A new school means a lot to get used to. If you’re worried about making new friends, know that spontaneous friendships usually form naturally within your first few classes.  Navigating a school’s hallways can also be scary at first, but becomes automatic in a few weeks. Freshman year flies by quickly, and you realize that the big school you once got lost in the crowds of isn’t so big after all.
  • Future Sophomores: No longer freshmeat! Finally, you’ve gone up in the high school food chain, but don’t it that get to your head. Now that you’ve settled into high school, it’s time to focus on what you want to do with it. Figure out what clubs and sports you want to join, as well as any other extracurricular activities you’d be interested in. These choices will pave the way for the rest of your high school career, as well as give you an option to socialize and discover what interests you.

“I’m expecting sophomore year to be really laid back. Then again, with joining Gablettes. and possibly Highlights, as well as keeping up with my out of school activities, the “slack” year won’t be so slack,” current freshmen Adele Raymo said.

  • Future Juniors: The new levels of stress due to heavy work loads and standardized testing can make becoming a junior a drag. But alongside studying for the SAT comes more freedom, as you’re an upperclassman now. Try fitting in fun events like Homecoming or driving to a couple of football games to get your head out of the books once in a while.

” I expect that junior year will be difficult because that’s the year IB really begins, but I’m looking forward to many of the classes I’m taking as well as being one year closer to graduation. I’ve heard from current upperclassmen that a great deal of my time will be taken up by work, but I know that many of my friends are taking the same classes as me, so I hope to be able to see them during school,” current sophomore Kasandra Scholz said.

  • Future Seniors: Whether you’re counting down the days until you’re off to college or want to enjoy what being a senior has to offer, you must remember a year full of work is still ahead. A case of the infamous ‘senioritis’ should be avoided at all costs. Staying on top of your school work will guarantee you an ‘okay’ from the school and from your parents to have all the fun that comes with senior year. Enjoy all the activities the school has to offer, from Senior Picnic to prom — they’re worth attending. Make memories you want to remember for the rest of your life.

“I personally advise juniors to enjoy their senior year as much as possible, without forgetting their obligations to their classes and grades. Most juniors think that once they enter senior year, their grades are frozen and that they can skip and do as they please, but it’s important that they try their best the entire year. Don’t let senioritis hit too early,” says current senior Joshlin Cartaya.

There’s nothing wrong with counting down the days until you can throw away your books and sleep in without a care, but keep in mind that summer doesn’t last forever. The 2014-2015 year will be right around the corner soon enough, and knowing what to expect and what to prioritize will help make it a year to remember.