Natalia Clement
Now a sophomore in the IB program at Gables, Natalia Clement loves being part of the CavsConnect family. School is an important part of Natalia's life, which makes being involve at Gables a must. Maintaining good grades as well as being a part of a few clubs takes up most of her time.

Natalia holds music close to her heart, having a special place for the 60s through 90s music. During the few hours she has for herself, you can find Natalia scrolling down fashion blogs, catching up on her favorite TV shows or at the gym.

As for the future, Natalia has the picturesque dream of living around the world. She is a strong believer of not staying in the same place and is planning to leave Miami after graduating. After being exposed to journalism through CavsConnect, her range of career choices has widen, with psychology still a strong option.


Natalia Clement, Editor

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Natalia Clement