The Little Things


Nikolas Rodriguez

Leaving a little reminder in unique places, such as their dashboard, can catch them by surprise and make their day.

In a relationship, one tends to think of all the picture-perfect grand gestures one can do to leave the other person breathless. We forget that day-to-day moments can warm their hearts just as well, and that those small gestures go a long way.

  • Remembering- In a relationship, one often shares massive amounts of personal information, from favorite music to adorable childhood memories. Remembering these key things, however useless they may seem, and mentioning them later on, can bring a smile to the other’s face. Not only does it show that you care and listen, but this little detail could lead to a thoughtful gift idea later on, making it all the more special.
  • Mix It Up- If they are the ones who usually show initiative, like in planning the dates, be the thoughtful one for a change and plan a romantic dinner.

“I do remember what my girlfriend tells me because I actually listen to what she says and find it important- especially for later so I can surprise her. She’s doesn’t always plan the dates because I like to surprise her by taking her out on my own,” sophomore Alex Biondi said.

  • Random Compliments- You’re in the relationship, so you don’t have to flatter them anymore, right? Wrong. It’s always nice to hear an out-of-the-blue compliment, even when it’s not your finest hour.
  • That Look- In the movies when the guy looks at the girl in the way that every girl wants to be looked at, everyone watching knows that he adores her. The simple way that you look at a person, even though most of the time it may go unnoticed, can make them feel appreciated.

“What I love about him is that he loves me for me, and that makes it the best relationship ever. When I’m with him, he shows me how he feels. When I’m mad or moody, or just in my every day routine, he says he loves me and looks at me [that way]. He’s not the type of person to show his feelings, but with me he opens up,” senior Kayse Urbina said.

  • Write a Sappy Love Letter- Although no one is expected to write love letters as heart-melting as those of Noah from The Notebook, they can still be meaningful if one puts thought into it. Sometimes people want to know how much they’re loved, and a random handwritten, or even messaged, letter is the perfect reminder.
  • Small Sappy Notes- Maybe you don’t want to write an essay on how much you love being with them; instead, maybe you just want to be cute with a smaller gesture. It is more than enough to write a random little note with a sweet message; it’ll be sure to brighten their day when they read it. This can be done discretely during class, showing them that you were thinking about them during a snooze fest lecture.

“Whenever we have a special time together I try to write her a little letter or a note to let her know that I care. I don’t write them all the time, but I do make sure to at least send her a good morning text every single day. She writes me letters that are pages long every time our anniversary comes up or even every couple months. I keep them all and even keep a couple of them by my bed in case I want to read them again,” junior Nikolas Rodriguez said.

These are just a few of the countless actions that’ll make your significant other feel adored. When it comes to relationships, instead of just looking at the big picture, dig deeper because it’s the little things that count.