On Campus Cuisine


Natalia Clement

A group of juniors grabbing a bite in the pavilion.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

 Every day, students go in and out of their usual eating places, with hopes that they find something they like and leave with the joy of a full stomach. Eating at school is a must, so it’s important to know how to get the most out of what’s offered.

“I bring my own lunch. School lunch has never really been that appetizing for me, but it has definitely improved over the past couple years. I am beginning to see more options for the students, as well as a better and healthier selection,” junior Gabi Saliamonas said.

Gables provides students with a wide variety of foods for breakfast and lunch. Free breakfast can be obtained every morning in the pavilion and by the old cafeteria. Breakfast options are the same across the county.  For lunch, one can grab a bite in the old cafeteria, the “new” cafeteria or at the kiosk in the pavilion. The menu varies from fruit cups to cheeseburgers. Lunch is usually eaten at one of the five commonly used eating areas. These locations are the old cafeteria, the “new” cafeteria, the pavilion and the two courtyard areas.

“I bring my own lunch because I have food available at home. Every day I eat at the pavilion because it is nice to eat outdoors for a change,” freshman Savannah Payne said. 

Aside from offering standard meals, some of the school’s groups and classes sell additional food. Student Activities sells bagels in the activities room (room #9219). Students in that class also go around the new building area selling bagels. Jeannette, the security guard, helps sell them at the front of the school. Bagels are sold during periods one, two, three and four for $1.75, which includes the bagel and cream cheese. CavsConnect and Yearbook sell Jamaican Patties for $2 primarily during lunch, in front of the new building and around the pavilion. After school, The Gablettes sell Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza for $1 a slice.

“I enjoy selling bagels for the school. It’s nice knowing that by selling them, I am helping the school and its students,”  Jeanette said.

With all the food opportunities available to students, eating and staying healthy should be a breeze. Hopefully, these privileges will help students stay focused, fit and ready each day.