CGHS Gets Fit: Health Fair

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer

The desire to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular in today’s society. Students are interested in how they can improve their health and live better lives. CGHS’s first ever Health Fair took care of that in an entertaining and informative way. On February 21, the school gym was set up with different stands covering subjects ranging from Sahaja Meditation to calculating BMI. Students walked around, looking at what each table had to offer.

“Being healthy is important in everyone’s lives because it keeps you fit and feeling good. I think that’s the problem us teens have nowadays because we’re not really exposed to that much healthy food or physical activity. I think this expo will teach us a lot and hopefully we’ll apply it to our lives,” junior Matthew Forero-Pinilla said.

The Heath Corps, a new club this year, organized the event in hopes of making  students aware of its existence and how it promotes wellness and the importance of being healthy. They set up stations to engage students, the most popular ones being the ones involving food or physical activity. One of the popular physical activities was the fast-paced Zumba dance session in the middle of the gym every 15 minutes.

“There’s a lot of people that are interested in becoming fit and the Health Fair provides them with a start. It also provides tricks on maintaining yourself healthy. Personally, I think the Zumba and Meditation stations are amazing, and so are the healthy smoothies which are completely organic and really good,” freshman Health Corps member Amanda Lopez said.

Since total wellness is more than just physical, the Health Fair had multiple stands that focused on more interior levels of well-being. The Positivi-Tree, where students would write positives sayings like “Peace in Venezuela!” and “Believe in yourself!” taught students that self-esteem and motivation were key for their well-being.

Health companies and organizations also contributed to teaching students about different health areas. The organization Active Minds had an informational poster board that promoted the awareness of eating disorders in the people who had them as well as the effect eating disorders had on those who knew of people with them. The Florida Heart Research Institute had students compare fat and muscle as well as bad and good arteries.

“As they compare the fat and muscle they see that they both way exactly the same, but obviously the muscle is more lean. Showing students this comparison as well as what they should eat and what to avoid according to the food plate gives them an idea of how they should be eating to stay fit,”

— Oscar Flores - Florida Heart Research Institute.

Students that attended the Health Fair enjoyed their time in the gym and walked out with better knowledge on how to stay healthy. Consider joining Gables’ Health Corps, and you won’t miss out on their next event!