Ho Ho Ho and the Weight is Gone

Losing the holiday weight has never been easier. Here is how to make the most out of the holiday season with a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Audrey Simon, Staff Writer

December 24, 2019

It is that time of year again, the air is thick with the smell of fresh cut pine trees and everyone is in a cheerful mood with Christmas right around the corner. With the holidays comes irresistible sweets that we cannot help but indulge in. Luckily, there are four easy things you can do to lose that...

Savory Smoothies

Anyone can make one of these delicious and colorful smoothies!

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

August 29, 2014

After a long day of school, students often come home starving. The first thing they grab is a bag of chips because well, it's easy. But it's honestly worth the 3 extra minutes to prepare a refreshing smoothie. Not only will it re-energize them to start homework, but it's a healthy snack that is so flavorful...

CGHS Gets Fit: Health Fair

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer

February 22, 2014

The desire to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular in today's society. Students are interested in how they can improve their health and live better lives. CGHS’s first ever Health Fair took care of that in an entertaining and informative way. On February 21, the school gym wa...

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