Beach Waves for your Hair


Stephanie Trista

These natural beach waves can be achieved with minimal effort by applying sea salt spray and keeping a braid on overnight.

Natalia Clement, Editor

During the summertime, every part of our lives is focused on relaxation – from our schedules to our wardrobes. With the humidity and heat on high, we don’t bother putting too much effort into our hair, letting our go-to hairstyles range from ponytails to au naturel. Looking good is still a goal, though, which is why “beach waves” should be part of everyone’s summer look book.

Sea Salt It – Mimic what a day at the beach does to your hair without the commute.

Step 1. Spray sea salt spray on damp hair generously while scrunching it.

Step 2 (option A). When low on time, quickly use a hairdryer to add volume while continuing to scrunch and finish off with hairspray for an all-day hold.

Step 2 (option B). If time permits, sleeping with a braid will give your hair defined waves that will be ready to hairspray by morning.

“After washing my hair, I use Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. I rather use products to make my hair wavy since they’re easier to use than an iron and I don’t like applying heat during the summer because of the humidity,” sophomore Aliyah Ramirez said.

Curls Will Survive – Hope in irons shouldn’t be lost during the summer. We live in a world of air conditioning and anti-frizz serum – basic tools to fight off humidity. Plan to curl your hair on days that don’t involve the outdoors.

What you will need:

  • a flat iron
  • clips/hair ties to section your hair
  • hairspray
  • anti-frizz serum

Step 1. Section your hair with clips or hair ties to have smaller segments of it to work on (this is especially useful for thicker hair).
Step 2. Separate a strand and place the iron on it a couple of inches from your roots, where you want the waves to start. 
Step 3. Start curling it forward slowly, turning the iron once and then pull it down tilted.
Step 4. Curl the following strand the opposite direction (backwards), and continue alternating to avoid blending them together like pin curls.
Step 5. When finished, lightly spray hairspray to add hold to your waves without hardening them.
Step 6. Apply a few drops of anti-frizz serum on your fingers and run them through your hair to add shine and protection.

“Doing your hair for a night out is totally fine. It’s practicality during the summer depends on your hair type. I love the beach waves look, especially when you have a nice tan. Sea salt produces beautiful curls, but I would rather curl it, always protecting it. I use Chi Heat Protectant – [it’s] highly recommended,”  junior Nicole Gonzalez said.

Whether you want to take care of your hair with products or have defined waves only an iron can create, the beach wave hair-do is the perfect nonchalant look for summer.