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The feud between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj

Alicia Buddle
Two arguing Cavaliers are posing as they listen to Nicki and Megan’s new diss tracks.

On Jan. 26, 2024, Megan Thee Stallion released her fan-favorite top-streamed song “Hiss.” The release of this song escalated the ongoing drama between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. After fans analyzed the lyrics, Nicki released her “comeback” song “Big Foot” on Jan. 28. The release of these two songs invited fans to share their personal opinions on the tracks and further dissect the situation.

Upon Megan’s release of “Hiss”, her best song to date, fans’ attention was immediately drawn to the lyrics “These h*** don’t be mad at Megan. These h*** mad at Megan’s Law.” Many fans speculated that the lyrics were directed towards Nicki Minaj, due to the fact that both her husband and brother were convicted of sexual assault. The song also highlights “Megan’s Law“, a federal law requiring law enforcement to make information available about registered sex offenders. These lyrics became very popular and caused many listeners to take Megan’s side.

“Although I’m unbiased, I believe that all sex offenders should be on record. I would want to know if the people who surround me are on the record. I honestly feel like Nicki [Minaj] took it too personally. She chose to marry a sex offender, and she’s still okay with that. To be honest, I feel like she took it to heart even though Megan didn’t even target her, if anything it would’ve been to Nicki’s husband,” freshman Lea Perez said. 

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj’s rushed song “Big Foot” faced much backlash as she touched upon sensitive topics surrounding difficult times in Megan’s family life. Unnecessarily using a picture of Megan’s foot as her song cover, Minaj further bashes Thee Stallion by writing the lyrics like “Lyin’ on your dead mama, lyin’ on your dead mama.”

“Nicki went too overboard because, in the first place. Megan didn’t even name-drop in her song. Nicki was just overreacting and stepped out of the boundaries with what she said in her [Instagram] lives and tweets. She was also out of pocket when she talked about Megan’s mother in her new song, so I’m definitely team Megan,” junior Jared Gonzalez said.

She goes further to call out Megan’s song, saying “This lil’ beggin’ w**** talkin’ ’bout Megan’s Law” and made sure to make it clear she was targeting the song at Megan. Although the song was equally as popular, it rightfully received much more negative reviews as fans argued that Nicki was being insensitive and uncreative.

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Furthermore, the feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion has given social media users a new intriguing topic to gossip about. Although it is unclear when this ongoing “beef” started, female rap stars Megan and Nicki have been at this for a while. 

“When the beef started, I totally sided with Megan on this one. She went through a lot in her life and for no reason, Nicki got offended and decided to make a diss track to diss Megan and her family. I love the entire song [HISS], the lyrics, the beats, and the singer,” sophomore Stefani Murseli said.

Some speculate that it may have started back in January 2021, when Minaj unfollowed Thee Stallion on Instagram. At the same time, Nicki also released the track “Seeing Green”. In the song, Minaj had a line about “alcoholics”. Many fans theorized that the line was the beginning of her attacks on Megan, as she is known for her signature party trick, pouring alcohol into a woman’s mouth. 

Aside from the continuous shade thrown back and forth at each other, it was not until recently when Thee Stallion defended herself with her single “HISS” that their beef escalated.

“When Megan released the song about celebrities and their partners being sex offenders, I feel like Nicki thought that she was talking about her specifically because she married one. Then in Nicki’s new song, she started talking about [Megan’s] big feet and how she got shot in the foot and her dead mom,” freshman Eliza Batista said.


Despite the controversies between Rap’s “It Girls”, this ongoing beef is unnecessary and should not have elongated in the first place. Many social media users are understandably taking Thee Stallion’s side. The famous lyric was incendiary, but it is true. Sex offenders should be publicized, and Thee Stallion is merely pointing out that Minaj has a history of surrounding herself with problematic and immoral people. Though both rappers escalated the situation to an unnecessary level, Minaj undoubtedly crossed boundaries, invasively bringing up sensitive topics in an attempt to attack Thee Stallion.






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