Bad Hair Day? Try These Braids!

Try one of these braids next time you're having a bad hair day!

Albany Muria, Editor

February 15, 2017

Ever had a bad hair day? Braids are the quickest and best fix for those days you wake up late on a school day. Check out the millions of YouTube videos available on how to braid you hair. Do not worry if you are not skilled in braiding, you can always ask a friend. "I always end up doing braids...

Which Haircut is Best For You?

When picking out a new haircut, you should take into your face shape into consideration.

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

February 7, 2017

Are you looking for some change in your life? Want to spice things up with your hair? Well, depending on your face shape, there are various haircut styles that will look the best for you. The Best Haircuts For Oval Face Shapes:  If you have an oval face shape, you are in luck! Thanks to your s...

Dressing Up for Homecoming

Although the dress shown in the picture above was worn to prom, it also fits for the occasion of homecoming.

September 17, 2014

With Homecoming right around the corner, girls are getting a head start on what they are going to wear. As we all know, Prom is about long elegant dresses, but Homecoming gives everyone a chance to let out their sequined, satin, knee-length frocks and effortlessly dance the night away. Length and Cut- Whe...

Beach Waves for your Hair

These natural beach waves can be achieved with minimal effort by applying sea salt spray and keeping a braid on overnight.

Natalia Clement, Editor

August 7, 2014

During the summertime, every part of our lives is focused on relaxation - from our schedules to our wardrobes. With the humidity and heat on high, we don't bother putting too much effort into our hair, letting our go-to hairstyles range from ponytails to au naturel. Looking good is still a goal, though, ...

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