What’s The Buzz All About?


Samantha Gonzalez

As the once military haircut rises in popularity, teens from around the world begin to participate in the new trend of receiving a buzz cut.

The buzz cut is a popular haircut that makes many appearances throughout the halls of high schools around the globe. As the military style takes over the minds of teenagers, many are currently deciding whether or not shaving off their hair will make them love or hate this new look.

In the eyes of the public, buzz cuts may not be the right look for everyone, as some take it as far as practically going bald. Others go the extra step by bleaching their hair after the haircut and adding designs to it, such as hearts, smiley faces and animal patterns, or dying it a bright, flashy color. While these actions may seem like a cry for attention, many “buzz” their hair as an act of confidence to express themselves.

“I’ve never gotten a buzz cut before, so I wanted to try it out because I had super long hair, and it was the exact opposite of short hair. I decided why not try it,” freshman Andres Amador said.

The shorter cuts are also making their way throughout high school campuses. They tend to attract those seeking a hairstyle that would be perfect for the long summer season or even athletes who opt to keep their hair out of the way during practices or games. Others shaved all of their hair off simply because of bets lost to friends or family members concerning the outcomes of sports matches, such as ones during the 2022 World Cup.

“Everyone went through a buzzcut phase, and it was really bad. Obviously, if you want to get one, go for it, but I feel like a lot of these people were swayed by trends when maybe they did not even want to get one in the first place. Maybe their friends forced them, so there’s a lot to consider,” freshman Yara Korse said.

Anecdotally, some students have had petitions made for them to receive a buzz cut if a certain amount of signatures were reached, causing many to succumb to peer pressure to obtain a haircut that they do not want. The rise of the trendy buzz cuts have also pierced into social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, with many turning to apps that show off their buzz cut transformations or see what they look like before and after fresh cuts.

“I like this trend because I feel that people get confidence through it. I’ve seen on TikTok and Instagram that some people get buzz cuts to show their hair progression journey. They cut their hair and then once it grows back they are a different person physically, so I really like that part of the trend as well,” senior Joshua Vasquez said.

Opposing the shaggy haircuts in style today, buzz cuts offer a fresh start to grow out an individual’s hair. Research states that buzzing one’s hair can remove damaged or dead hair from the scalp and let healthy hair grow back in its replacement, representing another reason why one may want this haircut. Many parents may also be relieved about the change from their teenagers’ shaggy, long hair; it may be relieving to finally see their children in a haircut that can show off their facial features again.

As the “buzz cut epidemic” continues to spread like wildfire amongst high schoolers, many face the challenge of deciding if a buzz cut will be beneficial or detrimental for their looks and confidence, but only time will tell if this odd style of fashion is here to stay.