Fashion Trends Throughout the Decades


Alejandra De llano

Two women wearing the popular styles of the 80s.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

The fashion industry is expansive—whether it’s a designer coming out with a new innovative line or fashion from years ago circling back and becoming trendy again, fashion seems to rule the world and everyone wants a piece of it. Due to the consistent appreciation for retro styles, fashion from previous eras is constantly being recycled and incorporated into new trends. The evolution of fashion throughout the years has noticeable differences, ranging from modest and preppy to flashy and bold all of which are subjective to their times.

Looking back at the 1950’s, a lot has changed; it is no secret that the 1950’s had strict rules for what was socially acceptable in women’s fashion. For example, many things that we see in today’s fashion would have been looked down upon back then. Women tended to wear light blouses, skirts, dresses and cardigans. When we think of the style during this time, we think of a wardrobe resembling the characters from movies like “Grease” or even a more modern example like “WandaVision” which featured the women wearing outfits with long poofy skirts with poodles designs on them and men in leather jackets or looser suits and for the most part that’s just about accurate. The overall style was very neat and well put together.

Not only is the 1980s known for its hit music and nostalgic movies, it is one of the most cherished fashion decades and whether you love or hate it is undeniably an influential time that still appears in a lot of today’s entertainment and outfits. Funky patterns and neon colors ruled the fashion world and with that came leg warmers, aerobics attire, acid wash denim and shoulder pads. The eighties seemed like one big party that people never get tired of reliving. A more mellow look into the time period could be taken from the movies ”The Breakfast Club” , “Pretty in Pink” and “Sixteen Candles” all coming of age movies featuring the actress of the decade Molly Ringwald.

“Although i like aspects from basically all eras in fashion i have to say i really see the appeal of the 80s and 90s.” freshman Marla Aman said.


The 2000’s was a year of questionable clothing combinations with jeans under skirts and layered accessories like scarves, chunky jewelry and big sunglasses .Style icons that ruled the 2000s were Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. These women were typically caught sporting crop tops with witty sayings on them or the infamous juicy couture tracksuits. As it’s called now, “Y2K” was the age of flashy and tacky choices in style, yet it is still managing to make a comeback in peoples’ closet in new ways. Early 2000’s fashion has its pros but for the most part it should be left in the past and out of our closets.

“Honestly my favorite fashion trends all came from the 2000s. I loved the big sunglasses and the different varieties of jeans” said freshman Gabriella Reguera.


Modern fashion trends have all taken inspiration from those who have come before it and adapted into new versions of the classics. The latest fashion is all about minimalism which includes cropped cardigans, small handbags, high waisted shorts and jeans. Style is subjective and whether you’re into more modern looks or prefer vintage, there are many opportunities to make your look unique.