Como transformar tu uniforme a la moda

El estilo de los estudiantes de Gables

Maria Puyana, Staff Writer

March 1, 2020

El comienzo de la temporada de invierno requiere un cambio en el vestuario mientras sigues la leyes de el uniforme escolar. Ya que Miami consiste en climas tropicales, un cambio de temperatura puede verse comó algo bueno para nuestro estilo. Caliente o frío, hay formas de respetar las reglas de el...

Making Uniform Fashionable

Students express their style at Coral Gables High School while still following the uniform policy.

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

January 9, 2020

The start of the winter season calls for a change in wardrobe while still following school uniform guidelines. Experiencing heat most of the time, a temperature change can be seen as a good thing for our style. Hot or cold, there are ways to respect the uniform policy while still expressing yourself....

Little Cavaliers Put On a Halloween Fashion Show

Little Cavalier modeling Batman costume at the Halloween Fashion Show.

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

November 6, 2018

The Little Cavaliers preschoolers took over Halloween as they walked the catwalk, showing off their spooky and creative costumes. Each month, the fashion club partners with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to organize events.  This month, on Oct. 31, the department organized a short...

Fashion 101: Water Signs Edition

Have you ever wondered how you should dress based on your zodiac sign? Well look no further; here are some easy tips to make your wardrobe look great!

Yeileny Lopez, Student Life Editor

September 15, 2018

Whether you are a feisty Scorpio, a dreamy Pisces or a sensitive Cancer, your water sign is notorious for being over-the-top dramatic and emotional. Although this can seem like a bad thing for other signs, being in touch with your truest emotions actually helps you with other aspects in life; your sensitive...

Flaming Fits for Fire Signs

Leave your house in a blaze of glory this season with a new outfit choice that goes perfectly with your fire zodiac sign!

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

August 29, 2018

Finding just the right outfit to wear can be stressful; sometimes it feels as if you've been wearing the same outfit every day for about three years, and you can't seem to break the cycle. Luckily for you, the answer on how to upgrade your wardrobe may be written in the stars! This edition of fashi...

The 89th Academy Awards

Emma Stone talks to the press about winning the Oscar for Best Actress for La La Land

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

March 5, 2017

Our Rating: B As we continue in the award show season, the 89th Academy Awards presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences took place in the Dolby theater in Hollywood, California. This year's presenter, Jimmy Kimmel, made a great host as he kept the audience laughing by making j...

Miami Fashion Institute

The Miami Fashion Institute, allows for students to discover the world of fashion.

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

November 11, 2016

While Miami is drowning with beaches and palm trees, there's not many fashion school options for those who are intrigued by the world of clothes and trends. Nicholas Huxley has partnered up with Miami Dade College in the creation of Miami Fashion Institute (MFI). MFI provides students with an education...

How Soon is Too Soon: Reusing Outfits

Recycling outfits can seem like a make or break situation, but it's a lot simpler than it appears.

Mariam Ahumada, Lifestyle Editor

November 1, 2016

There comes a time in everyone's life when they are faced with the dilemma of "how soon is too soon to recycle an outfit?" Luckily, here are the three rules on how and when to reuse an outfit! The Monthly Rule: First things first, never repeat an outfit within a week of having worn it. Some people ...

Let’s STOP Keeping Up With The Kardashians

People can't seem to get enough of this popular family and no one knows why.

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer

April 22, 2016

Gossip amongst teenagers and adults regarding the Kardashians is always a popular topic of conversation. This famous Los Angeles family, as some would like to say, are well known for their exotic beauty and lavish lifestyle; however, others don't understand the fame behind this family. Debates on whether...

Perry Ellis Fashion Designer Visits Gables

Perry Ellis fashion designer Natasha Rodriguez shares her expertise in the fashion industry with prospective students.

Albany Muria and Jake Paz

November 23, 2015

Perry Ellis fashion designer Natasha Rodriguez visited Gables on Nov. 17, to visit Ms. Monzon's fashion students and gave them tips about how to make it in the fashion industry and explained the process involved in designing new products. Rodriguez also shared how she get's inspired to create something...

7 Online Shops for Your Summer Style

Junior Harleen Chawla shows off her summer style  with a graphic tank and shorts.

Bhargavi Pochi, Editor

April 3, 2015

In just a few months, AP exams will be over and summer will finally roll around. But with summer vacation, comes unbearable heat and new fashion trends. Although there are many classic summer staples like a spaghetti strap floral dress or a pair of pink Chubbies, you can never go wrong with some unique clothing ...

Spring 2015 Fashion Expectations

Polka Dots

Albany Muria, Editor

January 10, 2015

The year of 2014 has finally come to an end. New horizons in the beauty industry are already emerging during this highly anticipated new year. This spring, there's an emphasis on fashion trends from the 1960s and 1970s. Shirt dresses: These include anything from denim to dress "shirts" made to the length of a dress. They are slightly casual and can be worn out to lunch or t...

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