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Young Miko Releases Second Album “att.”

Gracie Luzarraga
Miko’s inclusive fanbase streams her new album and stays up to date on new performances and music videos.

Artist: Young Miko

Album Title: att.

Genre: Latin Urbano/Dembow/Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: April 5, 2024

Album Rating: 7.5/10

There has been a significant surge in the popularity of Young Miko in the Latin music industry. After releasing her Extended Play named “Trap Kitty” in 2022, the 25-year-old musician was quite busy in the previous year, releasing infectious hits like “wiggy” and “ID,” and working with artists like Bad Bunny, Feid and Karol G, among others.

As one of the genre’s emerging stars, she’s making the most of her newfound notoriety with her second album, “att.”, which delivers the reggaeton/Latin-trap mix that fans have expected from Miko ever since her debut as an artist. The way Miko sings and flows throughout the record highlights both her songwriting prowess and vocal abilities. “att.” is a fun listen from beginning to end, topped off with a few special elements and strong production. Great rhythms and a sense of atmosphere are the cornerstones of Miko’s music and “att.” builds upon them to create something very enjoyable, even though it does not introduce anything new to the genre.

“I felt that the whole album was a disservice to Miko’s skills and talents, not only as a composer and producer but also her ability to embrace several different styles and speeds of music, always making it her own” sophomore Mathew Zapata said.

Track 4 “offline” (ft. Feid)

Rating: 8/10

The upbeat track alternates between Miko and Feid as they alternately sing each stanza. The song is about two persons, each artist playing a different character, who are stuck in a destructive cycle of yearning for and returning to each other. Both individuals also sing about how they feel dependent on one another and how they cannot operate without the other. “offline” is undoubtedly a song that works well both as a crowd-pleaser and in a more private situation. It is not surprising that this song is getting praise and attention given its relevant lyrics on a subject that musicians frequently explore and the flexibility this track has to fit any mood.

She possesses a remarkable ability to connect with fellow artists and effortlessly blend her sound with theirs. I have full confidence that she could collaborate with any artist and produce a captivating song, thanks to her adeptness at striking the perfect balance,” sophomore Scarlett Estrada said.

Track 8 “ID” (ft. Jowell & Randy)

Rating: 9/10

The thrilling song “ID” captures the wild spirit of a night full of happiness, companionship and unrestrained celebration. As the song progresses, it takes on the form of a group narrative in which several voices, throbbing with the contagious energy of the music, narrate their common memories of celebration. The rapper’s quick-fire delivery adds an element of energy, mimicking the adrenaline-fueled rush of the dance floor, while the rhythm surges with an unmistakable momentum that draws listeners into its catchy groove. “ID” is an essential song to play in order to get the party started and keep the audience moving to its enticing speed. The intensity of the song increases with each verse, reflecting the night’s growing exhilaration.

Miko continues to ascend in her musical career, particularly noteworthy as a female artist in the trap genre where women are less common. Her proficiency in English further enhances her appeal, attracting not only Latino fans but also Americans who appreciate her diverse background,” sophomore Estrada said.

Track 12 “wiggy

Rating: 6/10

Being the most played song on the album so far, “wiggy” combines elements of Rhythm & Blues and hip-hop. The song’s key themes include acceptance of one’s individuality, honesty and self-confidence. Young Miko promotes individualism and inspires listeners to stay true to themselves despite social pressures and expectations with appealing rhythms and catchy lines. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their idiosyncrasies and quirks (sometimes referred to as “wiggy”) as parts of what makes them unique. They also promote empowerment and self-expression. “wiggy” is an anthem for everyone who feels like they do not quite fit in, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and shine brightly with its catchy beat and positive message.

Track 15 “curita

Rating: 9.5/10

The song “curita” combines elements of urban and Latin pop music. The song looks at themes of self-love, resiliency and healing. Young Miko conveys a message of overcoming hardship and discovering inner power with energetic sounds and poignant lyrics. “curita,” which means “band-aid” in English, is a metaphor for seeking consolation and comfort during difficult or painful circumstances. To recover and come to terms with who they are, the lyrics inspire listeners by urging them to accept and love their flaws and scars. The upbeat message and catchy rhythm of “curita” appeals to people looking for motivation to face life’s obstacles head-on and discover their inner power.

I found it refreshing to experience the unique departure from Miko’s usual hits in this song. While still maintaining her signature style, she skillfully experimented with a raspier vocal approach, showcasing a deeper exploration of her vocal talents in ‘curita’, “ senior Sophia Jackson said.

Young Miko has showcased her artistic abilities in her new album, gathering attention from an expanding fanbase and indicating a promising collection of ideas and music to come. Her recent performance at Coachella further solidified her reputation, demonstrating her versatile vocal range and rap skills as she delivered beloved hits like “Lisa” and “Tempo” accompanied by a live band, exuding a casually chic style. Throughout her set, the band indulged the audience with spirited jam sessions, covering tracks like “wiggy” and “tres tristes tragos”. Collaborations and tracks such as “FINA,” “ID,” “Chulo” and her Bizarrap session added to the excitement among Miko’s supporters, who eagerly anticipate her future endeavors as the star continues to rise.

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