Bad Hair Day? Try These Braids!


Albany Muria

Try one of these braids next time you’re having a bad hair day!

Albany Muria, Editor

Ever had a bad hair day? Braids are the quickest and best fix for those days you wake up late on a school day. Check out the millions of YouTube videos available on how to braid you hair. Do not worry if you are not skilled in braiding, you can always ask a friend.

“I always end up doing braids on my hair when I’m too lazy to straighten it or make it look presentable. Braids always save the day!” sophomore Tatiana Campos said.

1. French Braid: This is the best braid if you need all of your hair out of your face. It is also perfect for any sport or rigourous activities.

2. Waterfall Braid: This braid is probably the most complex of all of them, but the prettiest. It accentuates your highlights and makes it seem like you spent 20 minutes on your hair in the morning!

3. Fishtail Braid: Whether its an upside down fishtail braid bun or a loose and messy braid, fishtails are the most eccentric and eye-catching. They are simple to achieve and only take a few minutes.

4. Dutch Braid: Also known as “The Katniss Braid,” made famous by The Hunger Games star, Katniss Everdeen is essentially a reversed french braid, where instead of weaving hair pieces over the top, it is done through the bottom, so that the braid has a 3D effect.

“I find braiding to be so fun and nice because you can instantly transform your hair with a simple braid,” junior Yanik Ariste said.

Braids will ALWAYS be in style. Even if you’re a short-haired gal or guy, braids can still make your bad hair day into a great one. So next time you wake up late to go to school, consider throwing on a braid while you’re on your way to school.