Frozen Hot Spots to Cool Down


Natalia Clement

As the summer heat rises, teens seek to refresh themselves with frozen treats in the Gables area.

Natalia Clement, Editor

Life in Miami during the summer can be as simple as stepping outside and getting a mini heat stroke. Although everyone else in the world might think we spend every second of our break rejoicing in the cool waters of Miami Beach, we must find accessible means for cooling off in the every day. Why jam into the car with the whole family for a 20 minute drive on the highway to a busy beach, when you can meet up with friends for a tasty treat nearby?

Menchie’s Munchies: Fro-yo has taken over the dessert business in the last couple of years with self- serving chains popping up in every mall and busy pedestrian street. A popular favorite among the Gables community is Menchie’s, located across from Sunset Place. Its delicious taste and wholesomeness are accountable for the hype. Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream, since it contains less saturated fat and total fat. Looking onto the toppings bar one can also argue that Menchie’s has a healthier variety, since both candy and freshly cut fruits are available. The pricing is also valued differently than most ice cream shops, since it’s done by weight – not size.

“Fro-yo is so good at any time of day and when I was younger ice cream was seen as just for dessert. Both places are reasonable prices, but I think Menchie’s is healthier because of its actual content,” sophomore Joshlyn Chavez said.

Sweet, Sweet Cold Stone: If you’re less interested in health benefits, and more in to satisfying the deepest cravings of your sweet tooth, Cold Stone on Miracle Mile is the place to go. Customers can order from the creamery’s signature creations, such as Chocolate Devotion, a compilation of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie, and fudge. There’s also the option of creating your own ice cream with the flavor and candy toppings you’d like. Like standard ice cream shops, there are three sizes to choose from: Like It (approx. 5 oz.),  Love It (approx. 8 oz.), Gotta Have It (approx. 12 oz.). Pricing at Cold Stone depends on the ice cream flavor and mix-ins.

Cold Stone has the gnarliest ice cream cake which is the bomb. Menchie’s might be the healthier option but it doesn’t matter to me. Cold Stone definitely isn’t overpriced, but even if it was, it would be worth it,” junior Daniel Andrade said.

Whether you’re looking to cheat your diet or indulge on excessive sugariness, Menchie’s and Cold Stone are the toothsome oases of Miami’s summer heat.