Miami Heat In the NBA Finals – Can They Win it?

The Heat have finally made it to their first NBA Final since 2015. Could they take home the trophy?

Patrick Heydasch, Staff Writer

October 8, 2020

During the 2010 offseason, the Miami Heat lured in not only a top 10 player at the time, Chris Bosh, but also attracted marquee free agent LeBron James who created a dynamic trio in the eastern conference, causing mayhem for years to come. In summary, the Miami Heat had their best stretch of basketball...

The Beauty of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports ranges from all professional sports and is a skill and luck based game where you can draft players and put them against other teams weekly for a chance to win.

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor

October 6, 2020

With sports being back in full action, so is their counterpart: fantasy sports. Fantasy sports allow people to participate in a fantasy league depending on the sport where you can draft your favorite players and coaches and play with multiple players throughout the course of the season. Fantasy sports...

The Miami Heat Blazing Past Their Postseason Opponents

The Miami Heat have stunned the entire league with them breezing past the first two rounds of the postseason and facing the Celtics up next in the Eastern Conference Finals

Japheth Oyedepo, Staff Writer

September 16, 2020

COVID-19 has forced us to consider many new ways to approach facets of our daily lives, and this especially true in the sports field. One of the more public innovations is the Bubble of the National Basketball Association, which erases any sense of a home court atmosphere for each individual team. The...

All Things Sports: Dak and Rick’s podcast

Junior David Kuper and his father began their journey into the world of sports podcasts at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have continued to create content following several sports and teams.

Allison Cajina, Features Editor

September 15, 2020

During these last seven months of quarantine, people have had the opportunity to explore a variety of hobbies that they usually would not have the time for. Among these many projects that have surfaced, the DAK and Rick’s podcast, was created by one of our very own Cavaliers, David Kuper, and is co-hosted...

Addition By Subtraction: The Miami Heat 2019 Offseason

Following an off-season where numerous National Basketball Association  moves scattered sports headlines around the country, the Miami Heat look to be a dark horse playoff candidate after making several smart acquisition and draft decisions.

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

September 8, 2019

The 2018-2019 campaign for the Miami Heat was one to be filled with excitement and promise. However, as the year progressed, they found themselves plagued with numerous injuries, and they struggled to find any true rhythm. The Heat managed to finish with a record of 39 wins and 43 losses, falling jus...

Heat Streak Broken After 13 Wins

The Miami Heat were on a 13-game winning streak, making a serious effort to make it to the playoffs.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

March 4, 2017

Whenever a team or a player in any professional sport is playing well, people cannot help but think that all good things come to an end. As the Miami Heat were on a 13-game winning streak, people started to think likewise. After having a long losing streak, Miami got their act back together and were...

Miami Heat Recap

Hopefully, the Heat will finish their season on top of their conference

June 2, 2016

The Miami Heat have had somewhat of a hit or miss season with the team showing good form most of the time, but also losing many games they could have won. Their away record for the 2015-'16 season is 20 wins and 21 losses, while their home record is 28 wins and 13 losses - much better than their away...

Ms. Furnari: Classroom to Courtside

Algebra Teacher Sherry Furnari analyzing game statistics before and during the basketball game.

Amanda Pallas, highlights contributor

February 11, 2016

Known as a math teacher here at Gables, Ms. Furnari is known as a Miami Heat statistic person when she steps onto the court at the American Airlines Arena.  Here,  Furnari shares her dedication to math both inside and outside of school. Q: For how long have you been working at Gables? A: This is my 31...

Frozen Hot Spots to Cool Down

As the summer heat rises, teens seek to refresh themselves with frozen treats in the Gables area.

Natalia Clement, Editor

July 23, 2014

Life in Miami during the summer can be as simple as stepping outside and getting a mini heat stroke. Although everyone else in the world might think we spend every second of our break rejoicing in the cool waters of Miami Beach, we must find accessible means for cooling off in the every day. Why jam...

Game 5 Recap: San Antonio Takes the Title

As Parker drives to the basket, Lewis attempts to block his shot.

Kelsy Pacheco, Sports Editor

June 17, 2014

The Heat suffered a devastating loss against the San Antonio Spurs during game 5 of the NBA finals; ending the game with a final score of 104-87. With this win, the Spurs won their fifth championship and turned the tables on the Heat as they lost 3 games in a row. Lebron James had scored 31 points...

You Can’t Beat The Heat!

One of the 'big 3's jersey's

April 25, 2014

For the past two years, the Miami Heat have managed to keep their title as NBA championships. However, can they do it for a 3rd year in a row? With the big 3 (James, Wade, and Bosh) playing excellently the whole season and coming back for the playoffs, many have high hopes for this year's championship t...

Foot Locker Scholar Athlete Scholarship Recipient, SENIOR COLE SCANLON!

Foot Locker Scholar Athlete Scholarship Recipient, SENIOR COLE SCANLON!

April 3, 2014

On the night of April 2, senior Cole Scanlon was awarded a $20,000 Foot Locker Scholar Athlete scholarship during half time at a Miami Heat game.  Congratulations to a job well done Cole!!

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